Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Events

Easter is very important to our family.  Not the eggs and hunts or the baskets and chocolate, but we are really focused on teaching our children what Easter really is about:  the death and resurrection of our Savior.  Now, I realize that our children are only toddlers, but we try to speak often of Jesus and read the Bible daily.  So, when Easter and all of its events roll around, it's prime time we mention Jesus' purpose clearly to our kids. 

Daniel hunted eggs (at his Mother's Day Out party) with the best of them.  He knew which candies he liked and the ones he'd rather give to Dad.  He and Samuel loved opening their baskets from Mimi: finding dollars and quarters in their eggs, getting new trains and cars, and eating until their bellies ached.  However, Daniel can tell the story of Jesus by looking at the pictures in his Baby Blessings Bible and The Very First Easter book.  That, to me, is what Easter IS truly about.

Here is our Easter in pictures:

Showing off the loot from
his Mother's Day Out Egg Hunt

Despite not being able to hunt eggs
or go to Mother's Day Out,
Samuel's sweet teacher made sure
he had his own bucket of goodies!

Checking out whose bucket was best

Easter Sunday
Heading out the door to church

Our somewhat annual Easter picture
in Mimi's backyard...
Please take a moment to understand that
pictures with toddlers, pregnant women,
and preacher dads aren't always ideal.
That being said,
Brian had changed out of his suit
before I had even unloaded the car,
Daniel had had an accident
in his brown pants thus the green shorts,
and I was about to sweat to death.
I honestly love this picture.
It's SO our life right now.

Daniel gets his "cheese" from his Momma.
This makes me laugh because Daniel and I
have an almost identical picture to this
from two years ago when I was pregnant
with Samuel...  I was actually wearing
this same dress 2 years ago!

Loving on Mimi

Playing in the fountain in Mimi's backyard

Samuel admiring his new Francesco Cars 2 car

"It's dollars, Mommy!"

I don't know who was more excited
about the Easter baskets...
The boys or their Daddy?!

Easter Bunny Chocolate +
A Chocolate Loving Boy =
Pure Satisfaction

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