Monday, April 9, 2012


There's a certain kind of contraction that scares me...  Had a sweet friend not warned me before having Samuel about the "seatbelt" contraction, I would have never even realized I was in labor.  They didn't hurt all that bad with Samuel.  In fact, when I went into the hospital after having this feeling of a seatbelt tightening around my lower waist for about an hour every two minutes, I had already dilated to a 5!  That was a bit frightening. 

This time around, I promised myself that if I had "seatbelt" contractions, I would take them seriously.  So, Friday night, during our date night, I began feeling them.  Only problem was, they really did hurt.  Painful.  Took my breath.  And, to no one's surprise, they were two minutes apart.  I really had no intentions of going to the hospital until Brian became concerned enough to call my OB.  He felt best that I head to the ER, having tested positive for chances of preterm labor earlier in the week. 

I couldn't help but be worried.  Was I going into labor already?!  1 day shy of 34 weeks, and I knew I was contracting.  Or was my own seatbelt confusing me? 

Our fears ceased when placed on the monitor and the contractions slowed.  I was grateful that they were calmed, and this sweet child had decided to stay in place for a little bit longer.  You'd think after two labors and deliveries I'd be used to this, but I rode home that night so thankful for having not known and buckled in tightly. 

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