Friday, April 6, 2012

33rd Week with Baby Boy #3

It's been a wild couple of weeks in this pregnancy.  It began with Samuel breaking two bones in his leg, Brian getting a bulging disc in his back, and contractions have been making themselves known...  very well.  I had a feeling that things were progressing a little too quickly, so it came as no surprise when, at my OB appointment this week, I learned I had dilated to 1.  No big deal, right?! 

I was thinking so too, until my OB decided to test me for my chances of going into preterm labor.  He said not to worry over the results because he didn't think they'd come back positive.  In fact, when I did not receive a call that afternoon from his office, I stopped worrying myself.  However, the next afternoon, the call did come that confirmed I was at a high risk (95%) of going into preterm labor. 

Wow, how that changed more than a few of my plans!  I'll be visiting the doctor every week now, getting checked and an ultrasound. 

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