Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pizza Party Decor

Considering I knew I'd been in my 8th and 9th months of pregnancy during the boys' birthdays this year, we opted to have a joint party a week before Daniel's actual birthdate and a month before Samuel's.  It was challenging coming up with ideas and keeping my creative crazy self under a close watch with constant contractions.  About a month or two before the party, I finally figured out the perfect theme.  Daniel and Samuel really like pizza.  I don't know if it's because we rarely have pizza or what, but they devour it any time they get it!  So, there it was; the best theme for both boys would be a Pizza Party!  I got to work on decorations a long time ago, worried over having a baby, and even post-it noted all the supplies in case I was on bed rest for the party.  However, it has already come and gone, and as Daniel has said all day, "My birthday is over."  :)

The Invitations
We might have spent too much time on these.  :)
However, these allowed the boys to get involved
as they glued the toppings onto every invitation.

Tulle Pom-Poms from the Ceiling
These were put up a WEEK before the party,
and I've never seen Daniel so excited!

The Birthday Banner:
"Topping Off Another Year"
Get it?  Topping?

Samuel's Birthday Shirt
I color-coordinated everything of the boys.
Samuel's shirt, gifts, and cake candles were all green.

Daniel's Birthday Shirt
Everything of Daniel's was red.

The Birthday Favors
I had my mind set on doing aprons for every kid,
until I started having frequent contractions.
SO, I went with gingham pails filled with red Kool-aid,
pizza-flavored goldfish, and Italian ice pops.

Thank You to Our Friends
I made pizza slices for each child
(similar to the invitations) 
that said, "You were such a sweet slice of fun
at our Pizza Party!"

The Gift Table
Please notice the felt pizza set, pizza snacks,
and Italian ice in the "window sill."
They were small gifts to the boys
that were GREAT as decorations.

Table Decorations and Food
We went all out with pizza
and the red/green/white theme.
I hung more pom-poms over the table,
used burlap as table runners,
and wrapped plastic ware in gingham napkins.
We ordered pizzas, and I made a round-about
Mini Fruit Pizza (cookie) bar.

The Boys' Personal Pan Pizza Cakes

The Tower of Pizza Cupcakes
My husband had the bright idea
that I should make the boys' cakes this year.
I was not a fan of the idea until
they were all finished.
The toppings on each yellow cupcake were:
Red Buttercream Frosting (homemade) as sauce
Grated White Chocolate as cheese
Fruit Roll-ups as pepperoni
Green Twizzler Pull N Peels as peppers
Cookie Dough Bites as sausage/olives

The Cutting Boards
I cut out cutting boards from cardstock
and hung them on the back door
leading out to the backyard.

I'm crazy big on details, pregnant or not.  I was so thankful to have had the time and ability to do all of this for the boys.  What a blessing they are to me!

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Adrian said...

You didn't leave out a single thing. . . SO cute! The cakes could be my favorite - major kudos to you! I love details too and pray that my boys will look back on these times and know how much they were treasured and celebrated. It's a labor of love :)