Friday, April 20, 2012

Thriving at Three

I'm just going to ignore the fact that I had to type the fact that my firstborn son is 3 years old...  Wow! 

In his 36th month, Daniel:
Wore size 3T clothes. 
Wore size 8 1/2 shoes.
Wore size 3T/4T underwear and Pull-ups.
Had a wild imagination.
Was always pretending.
Counted 1-13 on a daily basis.
Said his ABCs.
Loved to sing.
Made up his own songs.
Would "cheese" for the camera.
Enjoyed Brother James coming to visit.
Brother James brought him some "bubble juice."
He's wanted to play "bubble juice" since then.
Became a big fan of Nickelaus.
He's the mascot of the Credit Union where we bank.
AND, Mimi just so happens to work there.
Went to Nickelaus' birthday party at the credit union.
Thus, began the obsession with pirates.
Celebrated Mommy and Daddy's 5th anniversary.
Really liked presents.
Could not wait until his birthday.
Was always trying to "fit" into things:
     boxes, buckets, etc.
Liked Easter eggs and candy.
Took a liking to babies.
Loved kissing and hugging Baby Josie.
Was very particular about many things.
Was super dramatic.
Threw crying fits.
Despised getting in trouble.
Would obey only when the "spanker" was mentioned.
Quoted Bible stories and scriptures.
Talked about Jesus a LOT.
Pretended to be: 
     monsters, in battle, Goliath, puppy dogs, and conductors.
Turned flips and did head stands.
Loved going outside.
Sidewalk chalk was super popular...
     As was the sand table.
Seemed to always make messes.
Loved the bookstore and story time.
Liked picking flowers...  for everyone.  Strangers included.
Always wanted to GO.
Liked the "idea" of Band-aids, but wouldn't leave them on.
Still loves baths.
Asked for a milkshake for his actual birthday.

(post on Daniel's actual birthday to come)

Daniel's Favorites this Month:
  • Color:  green
  • Shape:  triangle and circle
  • Song:  Do Lord, ABCs
  • People:  Ms. Rochelle and Shia
  • Food:  pizza, pancakes, fruit
  • Snack:  gummies, b-nana (banana)
  • Toy:  Hot Wheels, Thomas trains, Chuggington
  • Movie:  Chuggington Let's Ride the Rails, Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • Bible Story:  David and Goliath, Jesus' Death and Resurrection
  • Restaurant:  Cracker Barrel, "Chicken Lay" (Chick Fil A)

Popular Phrases and Conversations:
  • I'm at the finish line.
  • I wanna go outside in the "yard sale" (yard). 
  • I'm a pirate.  I got the gold.
  • I got "pick-ups".  (hiccups)
  • I need to go to church.
  • I want to drive faster.
  • The police man will give you a "chicket" (ticket). 
  • I want to.
  • This is for my birthday.
  • This is not for my birthday.  This is for now.
  • Why?
  • What is that?
  • Oh, no!
  • I am "Golias" (Goliath).  I have rocks throw at me.  I have power!
  • Mommy, I need to go shopping. 
  • I got crazy hair.  Everyone will laugh at me. 
Pictures from Daniel's 36th Month:

Playing with "Bubble Juice" in the house

Cheesing with his new buddy, Brother James

Trying to fit in a toy bucket at Mimi's

Playing with Nickelaus the dinosaur
at our Credit Union's Birthday Party
for Nickelaus' 2nd Year as Mascot

Enjoying his pirate eyes from Nickelaus

Ready for a piece of cake

Showing off his bucket of Easter eggs
from his MDO party

In deep discussion while looking at the bugs
outside their bedroom window

One very cool kid on Easter Sunday

Eating his chocolate bunny from Mimi

Taking a nap with Nickelaus

So excited to see Baby Josie (and Scott)
at his birthday party

I think he was excited
over his Play-doh pizza shop!

The toy he had asked for
for over 3 months...
Chuggington trains!

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