Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to Do When You Turn 3...

  • and your Mommy's very pregnant.
  • and you've already had your birthday party.
  • and your Daddy is at work.
  • and your Mimi, Grandpa, and the rest of your family is working.
and...  and...  and....

There were many reasons preventing us from doing anything big for Daniel's actual birthday.  Honestly, I couldn't stand the idea of not doing something because Daniel's birthday has always been distracted with other events.  On his 1st birthday, I actually went into early labor with Samuel while we were getting ready to take Daniel to the zoo.  On his 2nd birthday, Brian and I were boarding an airplane to head to Alaska for 9 days of revival and sight-seeing. 

So, this year, I was determined to make certain that April 20th was special for Daniel.  In fact, I let him choose what he wanted to eat and threw in some other random things to surprise him!  Here is Daniel's 3rd birthday in pictures and in HIS OWN WORDS (in italics):

I wearing a birthday hat.
Ms. Woshel gave it to me.

 I'm drinking my milkshake.
This was the night before his actual birthday.
He said he wanted a chocolate milkshake.

I eating pancakes.  They are green.
They are not black and white.
What was inside your pancakes?
Chocolate and green!

It say, "Happy Birthday to You!" from Daddy.
For me.

I just going to work with Daddy.
It Daddy's work.
We're going to Daddy's work today.

My birthday was at Daddy's work.
Actually, the mission's coffeehouse was
also celebrating its birthday.

I just playing games.

I'm just eating my lunch.
Tac-er Bell.
I had a roll-up.

Going at Tac-er Bell.
What kind of face are you making?
A scarecrow.

I get a sucker at Mimi's work at the bank.
I gave the lady my dollar.
Well, actually, it was your birthday check
from your Pop.

I was at Cracker Barrel.
What did you eat?
I get ice cream.

To the park!
With Grandpa and Mommy.
It's a big, BIG park!

Swinging.  Grandpa pushing me.

I'm just playing cars with Grandpa.

Daniel, did you have a fun birthday?

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