Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our 5th Anniversary... by the Numbers.

I could have never fathomed what our life would be like five years ago.  It's been more humbling, challenging, and blessed than I could ever put into words.  Looking back now, I see how God put us together at the perfect time and how He specifically planned this life for us.  Though He had long ordained our paths to meet, we never realized that our first time meeting on the Jamaican mission field would lead to a talk 3 years later at Starbucks in which a pastor and a member of his congregation learn, by His guidance, that they are to be married.  Yet here we are, five years later, and so much has happened (and changed) since then, and I find myself more in awe of God by what we've become, seen, and endured. 

Numbers In 5 Years:
8 days of honeymooning
24 months together before children
10 days of REAL alone time since then
1 home sweet home
11 rooms painted
1 "For Sale" sign
2 lawn mowers owned
2 dead trees
3 different churches
3 "jobs" left behind
5 (or 6) Gatlinburg trips
8 conferences attended
4 mission trips
240 Sunday sermons preached
115 trips to the prison to preach/teach
90+ speaking engagements at the Mission
5 months since taking a job at the Mission
20+ revivals and youth weekends attended
4 heart-breaking deaths
6 friends' weddings
1 30th birthday surprise party
9 states visited
4 countries seen
3 mountains/hills climbed
2 flights canceled
6 cars owned
2 cars totaled
1 move into a minivan
5 Vacation Bible Schools
4 summers with James Evan
177 canvases painted
5 positive pregnancy tests
7 baby showers
2 miscarriages
10 days of bedrest
2 boys' births
31 total hours of labor
3 first days of Mother's Day Out
1 baby on its way
6 amazing babysitters
17 pairs (or more) of Crocs
4 zoos visited
3 amusement parks
2 broken bones
1 blue cast
1 bulging disc

Hospital visits
Loads of laundry
Carpet cleanings
Can openers destroyed
Chick Fil A meals eaten
Gallons of tea prepared
Books purchased
Times we've rearranged furniture
Nail pops on the walls
Willow Tree figurines
Miles travelled
Sleepless nights
Diapers purchased and changed
Prayers answered

Our 5 Year Anniversary

My husband got me the perfect gift...

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