Friday, March 16, 2012

From the Mouth of Babes...

Seriously, the things that come out of their mouths is too much for me at times.  Sometimes, I'm completely embarassed, while at others, I'm in total awe.

  • He's got pick-ups.   - Daniel, explaining to me that Samuel has 'hiccups'
  • I'm wearing a Roll-up.  I have a Roll-up diaper on.  I need to pee, but not in my Roll-up.  In the potty, okay?!   - Daniel, making certain he remembers for himself to NOT have an accident in his 'Pull-up'
  • Top, Danyule.   - Samuel, telling Daniel that he should 'stop' stacking the couch cushions in order to build a tower
  • It's a six, see?!  Right there, you can see it.  - Daniel, shocking his mommy beyond belief when he recognized the number 6 on our gas station pump
  • Samuel's coughing, Mommy.  He needs to go to the doctor check.  - Daniel, being a really great big brother realizing Samuel wasn't feeling well
  • Doctor Check, you make Samuel better?  You give him medicine?  He's got boogers in his ear.  Get them out, Doctor Check.  Daniel's not sick.  - Daniel, speaking to Dr. B then 1)calling her by the name he has given every doctor, 2) telling her about the ear wax in Samuel's ears, and 3) making sure she knew he didn't need to be checked as well.
  • It's stars, Mommy.  Look!  He made them for me.  - Daniel, noticing the display in the sky, and remembering that God made them
  • God don't change.  - Daniel, recalling a family devotional his Daddy gave a few weeks ago

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