Thursday, March 8, 2012

He Gets It from His Momma...

I promised no potty-training stories, but this was a learning experience for both my child and me.  I hope you see the simple message here and focus less on the potty parts of this blog.

I see so much of myself in Daniel.  His tendency to be a bit dramatic, his need for details, his love for going and not sitting at home, how he loves to go shopping, his outgoing personality, his passion for music and singing, and his tremendous creative ability (we'll focus on that today) are without a doubt qualities and traits Daniel obtained from me.  I never imagined I could look at one of my children and see a reflection of myself looking back at me, and yet Daniel seems to teach me that I still have areas in which I need to grow because he is so much like me.

Just yesterday, I realized Daniel had gotten quiet.  Way too quiet.  I rushed to find him standing in his room with no bottoms on.  I proceeded to change Samuel's diaper when I was amazed with what I found.  Let's face it, Daniel has always found ways to surprise me...  from lining up his cars and trains with their front sides all facing the same way to learning how to open every child safety lock in this house.  However, yesterday's creative genius went beyond my own belief!

As I said, I went to change Samuel and discovered that the wipes box was empty...  well, somewhat.  I have been the recipient of many items in our wipes box (from trains, crayons, and forks to paper, books, and more), but I have never once found anything liquid inside.  Until yesterday.  Daniel had actually used the empty case as his very own, personal potty - thus, his naked bottom half. 

In disbelief, I look at Daniel and ask, "Honey, did you pee in here?"  He replied (creative as ever), "I so sorry, Mommy.  I not make it to the potty fast."  In other words, Yes, Mom, I peed in the wipes box, and I really am sorry about it.  However, I couldn't make it to the potty in time.  When telling my sister about this event, she asked if I scared him by freaking out over the pee in the wipes case.  To be honest, I would have totally been shocked if this were any other child but my own, but I was actually impressed that he was clever enough NOT to make a mess on the floor but grabbed the next best thing he could find.  It's quite genius. 

In that moment, I happened to see a little bit of Jenna in Daniel.  Just like his mom, he attempted to avoid a problem situation by coming up with a better idea.  He even was creative in the way he apologized and told the truth about his misdoing.  I could have been angry, and while I did say over and over that "pee goes in the potty," I was astonished at how his little mind took something simple and used it in a creative way.  Isn't that what I do when I paint?  Isn't that what I do when I embroider?  Isn't that what I do when an idea for a birthday party pops into my head?  I take simple things and allow the creative ability God has given me and use it to the best of my knowledge. It doesn't always turn out pretty, and it might not even be done correctly, but it's what I do.  That's what I saw in Daniel yesterday...  the fact that God has given him a precious ability to be creative even at almost 3 years old, and that itself is a beautiful thing.

Sure, I'd much rather him use the potty next time...  :)

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Shelby said...

Firstly, this is funny. Secondly, I don't think there's anything wrong with sharing potty training stories, pictures etc. First of all, you aren't going to show a picture of the ACTUAL POOP, and you aren't going to show a picture of his private parts, so whatevs--- The people who read along are likely moms or family members. This is a mommy blog... Poop, boogers, and puke are to be expected. :)