Friday, March 30, 2012

A Dear Friend

We made some very dear friends one year ago this month...  Brian was called to preach a revival in Alaska (forgive me for never posting pictures), and we just became forever attached to the pastor and his family over the course of the 9 days Brian and I were there.  Being friends with people who live across the country isn't easy...  We don't actually get to "spend time" together too often, but when we learned that Brother James was going to be in our state in March, we were ecstatic!  James had never met our boys, and they were anxious to see who this "James" character was.

We took Brother James around Nashville, and Brian showed him some of the important places of his/our life.  Not all that entertaining compared to the Alaska sites he showed us a little over a year ago, but we were just thankful to spend some time with him.  We ate lunch at Jason's Deli then drove James to our house where the fun was just about to begin.  :)

Thankfully, Brother James came
bearing gifts from their family.
Mary, these bubble tools were genius!

And, since it was cold outside,
we opted to play bubbles indoors.

Seriously, the most fun they've had in a while!

We hadn't seen a smile this big
on Samuel's face in a few days... 
He had just gotten his cast on that week.

Learning to blow bubbles through
the bubble wand

Getting the hang of it

Samuel loves the star wand.

Looking over the building plans
 to the Anchor church... 
Daniel approved.

Our usual shy and timid Samuel
actually was willing to take a picture
with Brother James!

All of the boys!
If only Josiah and Micah
could have been here to join in...
AND Mary, Grace, and Anna
could have been here to get a
girls' shot with me!

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Brother James.  We were even able to see him later in the week, and the boys were very happy.  It is such a blessing to have dear, Godly friends across the country.  God has truly given us some precious gifts!  We love you, Keen family!

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