Monday, March 5, 2012

I have to remember this...

I was very certain in the years and days before I became a parent that I would never share naked-sitting-on-the-potty pictures or tell stories about my children regarding their toilet training events.  I don't even like discussing or mentioning pee or poop aloud, much less writing about it.  However, Daniel just made me laugh so hard that I do not ever want to forget how difficult, yet hilarious potty training can be.

Daniel at 34 months old has been potty trained for about 2-3 weeks now.  He really had no problems with it once he realized he actually could do it.  That took all of two days.  I didn't use any treats, tricks, or bribes with him.  That is, until about a week ago...

He began to regress in a not-so-fun-for-mom way.  Daniel continued to pee in the potty with no accidents, but there were other ways in which I was becoming so frustrated with him that I was desperate.  I literally looked at my almost three year old and said, "Daniel, if you will "mess" in the potty all of the time and not in your underwear, Mommy will buy you any Thomas train you want."  At first, I'll admit that he honestly could care less.  He's a hands-on, show-me-right-now kind of kid, so when he continued making messes in his underwear, I wasn't surprised. 

However, Daniel soon found the Thomas object of his affection.  While reading his Danger at the Dieselworks book one afternoon, he discovered a toy he decided he couldn't go without.  He has talked about this Dieselworks Playset for about 5 days now.  Anytime he heads to the bathroom, he is usually mentioning the "crane" or the "diesels."  BUT, he's only messed in the potty once.  ONCE since then.  He's still certain about getting the Dieselworks set, but he isn't so sure about using the potty to do so. 

Just moments ago, after sitting on the potty trying to get the Dieselworks pretty much all of today, he was over in the play area scooting trains around the track when he popped up from the train table.  He dashed by me where I was sitting on the couch, exclaiming, "The poop is coming!  I have to do it for the diesels."  Serious as all get out.

And sure enough, mission accomplished.  Two days in a row.  One more time, and I feel a certain $33 toy is on its way.  I, for one, am quite proud.

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