Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holidays Really Get to Me...

Don't ask me why exactly, because truly there are a number of reasons.  When I was newly dating Brian (well, actually, just days after the Lord told me that I'd marry him), he mentioned that he wasn't a huge fan of Santa...  or Halloween and costumes...  or the Easter Bunny.  My mouth could have dropped.  It more than likely did.  I remember thinking to myself that "I could change his mind," and that there was "no way my children would be missing out on holiday fun."

My, how the thoughts have shifted!  I have almost become the "grinch" when it comes to holidays.  Mainly just the ones that are truly about Jesus and have actually become so focused on pagan rituals.  I mean, where did Santa Claus come from?  And, exactly who thought it'd be a good idea to dress children in black wigs, fake teeth, and thick make-up for the sake of a scary costume?  And, how did chasing after eggs sound like something that made any sense at all?

Don't get me wrong, but my mind is aching over the fact that the world revolves around EVERYTHING except Jesus.  You cannot even get to the fruit section at Walmart without craving a chocolate bunny or sneezing your head off due to the lilies and daisies this time of year!  Forgive me for saying so, but I am heart-broken over the idea of kids not knowing who Jesus Christ is, but being able to tell you every single detail about eight reindeer and a bunny who delivers baskets.  Where have we lost our way?  When did this life become more about tradition than the TRUTH?

I must admit...  I loved picking out Daniel's three Christmas gifts and watching him as he got his first glimpse of the lights on the tree.  I had a blast dressing him up as a lion for Halloween.  I even enjoyed finding the perfect Easter outfit for him as well (which I found at consignment for $2).  I really have tried to incorporate Christ into the center of each and every holiday we've had with Daniel.  But as a parent, I'm starting to realize how my actions reflect what my children are going to remember about each holiday and the real reason behind each of them. 

I am not completely against holidays or meaning to "bash" those of you who participate in them, but I recently have become aware of my conviction that I want to be different...  peculiar, even, as Scripture says.  I want the world to know that I love the Lord and want Him to be the focus my family has.  I don't want to be bombarded with the what-I-seem-to-make overwhelming issues of picking out what to wear for each special service and cutting down a tree.  I want to remember and be an example as to the fact that Jesus was lowly, humble, meek...  He didn't dress in new linens.  He didn't focus on what His appearance was.  He actually was willing to die on a tree for my sake...  for the world, that is.  So, when these holidays arrive each year, and if I have trouble distinguishing between truth and tradition, I want to be certain that my heart is where is should be on a daily basis...  Focused on the real meaning behind each one:

Jesus Christ.

I write this only because I have truly struggled over how to parent my child in a Christian manner.  I have often wondered if we should celebrate holidays at all or have parties that focus on anything other than God.  Maybe it is because I am young in the faith and still have a great deal to learn, but I have come to know that there IS more to life than merely what we have made of it. 

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