Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm All Planned Out

And in about 13 hours, we'll finally see how it all turns out...

Daniel's 1st birthday party is today!

Maybe that's not anything spectacular to many people, but as a mom, who's a big-time planner, a teensy bit over-zealous, and a whole lotta excited, I cannot tell you what celebrating my son's first birthday means to me.  It's more than just a party; it truly is a celebration of the gift God has given us - Daniel Benjamin.

After miscarrying our first child, getting pregnant with Daniel was such a blessing.  I can remember when my due date seemed so far away, and yet in a few days, that same strong-willed, energetic baby in the womb will be turning one.  It is an honor I cannot put into words.

So, with all the time and energy I've had in me, I've spent a good three months or so planning this party, and though I'm about tired of planning, I know that once this day is over, I'll look back and wonder where all the time has gone.  Before long and Lord willing, my sweet baby will be a boy who's almost a man, and that's surreal to me at this point.  However, it's reality.  I just want to savor each moment today...  From buying gallons of ice cream and purchasing balloons to smashing cake and opening precious gifts, I do not want to take one second of Daniel's big day for granted...  because - let's be honest - it's my big day too!

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Ollie said...

I love it!! Sounds like so much fun and I am sure Daniel and everyone else will have a wonderful day!!