Friday, April 2, 2010

An Amazing Giveaway for New Moms

I'm not exactly a "new mom;" in fact, I'm getting used to diaper changes, Gerber products, and exhaustion, considering I have an eleven month old.  It's no surprise that when I found out we were pregnant again just 4 months after my first was born, I was completely flabbergasted!  What's been a bit difficult is knowing that there aren't going to be baby showers this time around loading us up with diapers and wipes and this, that, and the other; I mean, we are very more than prepared with everything a child could ever need, BUT, who doesn't love getting new things?! 

That's why I was SO excited to come across this amazing giveaway online...

Enter now through May 1st, when the winner will be picked randomly.  $1700 worth of fabulous products!  I just cannot imagine...  Wouldn't you LOVE to be the winner of this whether you're having a baby or not?!

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Shelby said...

Hey girl - I made my way to your blog today (I usually read through Google Reader). You have my old blog listed on your Blogroll :)

I'm now at

I had to try out a couple of different platforms before I found the one I really liked. I'm a Blogger Mama now. See you soon!