Monday, April 19, 2010

Daniel's 1st Birthday Party (in Pictures)

Daniel arrives for The Mane Event...

Smiles with his Grandpa (one of his first guests),

and Plays with his cousins.

He then waits patiently for his cupcake,

Smashes it with both hands,

Talks to the chocolate,

and Tries to share with his Daddy.

Daniel then has to get cleaned up in the sink,

and He is dressed and ready to open his gifts!

Daniel's Daddy opens most of his gifts...
This one is from our sweet friend; she had made a "B is for Brothers" shadow box for Daniel and baby "Brother" out of broken crayons!

His favorite gift is this swimming pool from Aunt Jessica,

and He is even sweet enough to let all his cub friends jump in!

After presents, he visits all his buddies...
Scott and Ashley,

Ray and Gloria,

Jimmy, Miss Addy, and Amanda,

Danielle, Ryder, and Justin (he wonders where Izzy is),

Ty, Connor, Clayton, and Shelby,

Jennifer and his good buddy, Pierce,

and Tucker, Jordan, and sweet Addison.

He then visits with his family...
Loves on his Aunt Jessica and a balloon,

Tries to get away from Aunt Kim and Daddy,

Says goodbye to Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Christy, and cousins Mason and Hayden,

and Takes a picture with Mommy and Daddy!

With everyone else leaving, Daniel is ready to go,

and Thanks his Mimi for all of her help!

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Jenny said...

Can't believe he's 1! So cute!