Sunday, April 4, 2010

So Much Can Happen...

in just two weeks.

Two Sundays ago, Brian and I had just dropped Daniel off at his Mimi's so we could head to church (well, so I could actually pay attention in church) when the Lord really opened our eyes.  In less than five seconds, driving down I-65 towards Nashville, we hit a bump in the road, hydroplaned, and hit the concrete median...  twice.  I cannot remember now what I was thinking then other than if I had to die, I wanted to be holding Brian's hand.  That's exactly what I did. 

We were going so fast...  It happened so quickly that Brian began speaking prayers aloud to the Lord, and I remember wanting him to know I loved him, so I grabbed his hand as we were hitting the median the first time.  I remember also thinking that another car was going to hit us...  It didn't, and no sooner than the wreck started, we were sitting on the side of the road waiting for the police officer to write a report.  Brian and I were shaking, but the baby was just kicking as though nothing had happened.  We were sent on our way, despite the damage to both the front and rear bumpers/trunk/hood/etc., and made it to church in time.  Wow.  I still have no idea why the police didn't call for an ambulance...  I was 30 weeks pregnant!

That was two Sundays ago, right?!  The following days were a mad dash to contact insurance, get a rental, and spend the week at a Minister's School/Conference in Bowling Green, KY.  Monday, we called Farm Bureau, got our Chevy Impala rental car, and were thankful to be alive.  Tuesday, we rested and got a call from the collision shop that the damage was more than we expected, I think.  Wednesday, we headed to Bowling Green and while there, we received word that the damage to the car was extensive, and more than likely, would be considered "totaled," as well as began looking for a new vehicle and test-driving an SUV and a mini-van.  Thursday, we were back in Bowling Green, got the check for the amount of the car, got to the bank in time to deposit it, and were still feeling REALLY blessed. 

I had told Brian that I was pretty sure that the car was totaled the night it happened.  Oh, and did I mention that since we have an 11 month old and another baby on his way, that we'd been praying for a larger vehicle, specifically a van, for over 2 months?!  Friday, we actually went to Bowling Green and left to go look again at cars.  We test-drove the SUV again and were sold on it.  We also took a mini-van around the block and didn't like it compared to the SUV.  So, that night, we bought an SUV.  We paid a bit more than the amount we had been given for our totaled car, but we were genuinely thrilled. 

By the following Monday, we were back at the dealership.  Returning our SUV.  Yes, that's right, those words the dealer tells and has you sign on are important.  We remembered we had three days if by any reason we weren't satisfied with the vehicle.  And we weren't.  It had some issues.  Big ones actually.  To my knowledge, here we are a week later, and it's still sitting in the transmission section of the dealership's shop.  So, we're still on Monday, which was about 6 days ago, and we needed another car.  We had the rental, but we were given the opportunity to drive the mini-van again...  It was a little over our price range, but while we were driving it, Brian said that if he could get the dealer to a certain number, he'd buy it.  We get back, the dealer gives us "the best he could do," and we leave just an hour later with a Nissan Quest mini-van, which JUST SO HAPPENED to be a couple hundred dollars LESS than the amount we had received for our car.  Yes, divine providence.

The next few days were amazing as well.  Tuesday, we went to dinner for our third anniversary which was the following day but a church night.  We went to Demos and had Marble Slab.  Nothing fancy, but we had just bought a vehicle and were simply glad to have one another...  after our run-in with a concrete wall.  :)  Wednesday was our 3 year anniversary.  It came and went, but I honestly felt more loved than I ever expected.  Being in a fairly serious car wreck with your spouse can do that to you...  Thursday, I can't remember.  Friday, we cleaned our carpets, talked with our neighbor who just happens to be a realtor (which we're needing), and took Daniel to spend the night with his Mimi so we could get the house ready for two babies...  which meant rearranging a LOT of things and rooms in the house! Yesterday, Saturday, we cleaned more.  It was tedious and repetitive, but we're almost happy and it's just about finished. 

And today is Sunday, Easter.  We spent the day at church, eating a fabulous lunch (that my incredible sister made) with family, watched Daniel open his Easter basket from Mimi, napped, then headed back to church. 

That's just two weeks!

Oh, and I failed to mention that during these two weeks, Daniel has changed:
He got his 5th tooth. 
He began walking...  on his own...  all of the time... 
He started imitating us.
He can make cow, lion, duck, and mouse noises.
He can clap his hands.
He can find the Cheerios box in the cabinet.
He can also open the box and eat away...
He tried his first popsicle, Dorito, and cantaloupe.


Shelby said...

This post literally brought a tear to my eye. I am so glad you are all safe! I know I read about your wreck on facebook, but I didn't realize how serious it was. Thank GOD all three of you made it out ok. And CONGRATS on the new vehicle! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! How scary! Aren't you glad Brian was driving and that Daniel was at Mimi's and it wasn't just you and Daniel? I'm so glad you guys are okay and that you got a fun new van out of the deal!! :)