Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A lot can happen in a really short amount of time.

Let me give you the short end of this very fast story.
  1. On Daniel's birthday, Tuesday, April 20th, I started bleeding.
  2. Mind you, I was only 33 weeks, 6 days pregnant.
  3. I had my regular OB appointment and ultrasound that morning.
  4. Turns out I had a partial placental abruption.
  5. I was monitored in Hendersonville Medical Center and given a steroid shot for the baby's lungs to mature quickly in case of an emergent delivery.
  6. Because I kept bleeding, it was almost inevitable that I would have to have a C-section that day.
  7. So, they transferred me to Baptist Hospital where they have a NICU.
  8. I had an ultrasound there...  No more abruption.
  9. I had to have another steroid shot for the baby in case he came.
  10. BECAUSE, I was having contractions...  2 minutes apart. 
  11. They put me on Magnesium Sulfate.
  12. It has awful side effects:  hot flashes, burning sensations, flu-like symptoms, etc.
  13. I had to be weaned off of it in order to go home.
  14. They gave me Procardia - a pill to stop contractions.
  15. It has side effects too, like it dropped my blood pressure to 60/20.
  16. Within three days, I was released to go home, Friday, April 23rd, at 2:00 pm.
  17. By 10 pm that same night, I was back at Baptist being monitored.
  18. I had been having contractions 5 minutes apart for four hours.  Pre-term labor.
  19. I was sure they'd let me deliver.
  20. But, they put me BACK ON MAGNESIUM.  
  21. You know, the one with the terrible side effects.
  22. I cried.
  23. They gave me morphine.
  24. I slept.
  25. By Monday, April 26th, I was sent home with no restrictions and Terbutaline to take in case contractions started back up.
  26. Terbutaline makes me jittery.  Heart pounds.  Really shaky.  
  27. On the following day, I was able to go back to my regular OB.
  28. I was given another ultrasound.
  29. Dr. Nason said he had truly seen the answers to prayer...
  30. The abruption seemed to have healed itself.
  31. Everything looked perfect!
  32. He prayed with us.
  33. He also said that if I could make it until 36 weeks, he wouldn't stop me from going into labor or from delivering! 
  34. That's only 7 days away...  I'm 35 weeks pregnant today.
  35. Or, if we're realistic, my due date is June 2nd.  Still, that's only 5 weeks away.
  36. Wow.
  37. God is good and completely in control.

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Lea said...

What a wonderful testimony to the God we serve! Enjoyed finding your blog this evening. Abundant blessings to you and may God continue to guide these last days of your pregnancy.