Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy Mondays

It's already here again...  Monday, that is.

I have to tell you, this week, on my journey through parenthood, I'm most thankful for a small tube of genius.  If you have a little one, you completely get my drift.

Okay, I promised I'd never publicly write about any of Daniel's issues, but this time I think I can let it by.  Only for the sake of other expectant or first-time parents who may be reading...  My little one didn't get a diaper rash this week; in fact, it was more like a neck rash that looked EXACTLY like diaper rash.  I'm guessing the moisture (a.k.a. excessive amounts of teething drool) was catching under his chin, and from wearing bibs non-stop, it just didn't have room/time to heal itself.  What did I use?  Desitin.  It's good stuff. 

What Is It?
I'll let Desitin explain itself, "...the only leading brand that contains the maximum level of zinc oxide, immediately forming a protective barrier to help heal and soothe diaper rash discomfort. Our thick, rich, hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested formula provides overnight relief for baby’s tender skin. There’s no stronger treatment available without a prescription."  What that means in "mommy" terms is this:  when your little one's rear (or any other area) is looking as red as Clifford the Big Red Dog, you're more than likely dealing with a diaper rash.  But guess what?  You can find these "rashes" in other places where moisture backs up and causes irritation... 

Where Can I Get It?
You can find Desitin at any pharmacy, grocery store, or market in the baby section near diapers and wipes.

How Much Is It?
Walgreens sells it for $4.49.   Walmart sells it for a bit cheaper.  
You won't care how much it costs when you see how well it works!

What I've Learned 
You won't believe what I found when I was researching this...  Turns out that Desitin offers other products!  Ones that are designed specifically for rapid relief, overnight protection, and multi-purpose treatments...  You know, multi-purpose, as in the rash around Daniel's neck! 

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