Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's Eleven Months Old

 Anyone else as surprised by that as we are?!

Today felt like it was a special gift to us because not only was Daniel turning eleven months old but it was incredibly beautiful outside.  We were even visited by some of our great friends and family as well.  It was just an amazing reminder of how blessed we truly are.

Daniel has been all over the place this month - well, that is somewhat of an understatement.  He has made his way into some pretty outstanding predicaments, and it has been hilarious watching him discover new things (and places) to get himself into.  You will not believe how he has grown!

In his 11th month:

He took his first trip to the Rainforest Cafe; see here.
We found out that he really enjoyed watching the fish.
We decided it was time to start, "Operation Sippy Cup."
It worked on the first day...
Daniel has been bottle-free since March 1!
We also started him on whole milk.  1-2 oz per cup.
He was drinking 6-8 oz of milk 3 times a day.
He would drink 1-2 cups of juice & water each day.
He caught a yucky virus along with an ear infection.
That messed up his sleeping schedule.
Now, he's back to sleeping anywhere from 8-11 hrs.
He takes two naps a day.
Sometimes they're 30 minutes or 2 hours.
He weighed around 23-24 lbs.
He wore size 12 and 12-18 month clothes.
He started WALKING on March 4; see here.
He got his 4th tooth.  On top next to the front one.
He's still missing his 2nd front top tooth!  Weird.
So, he started on "table foods."
He really liked yogurt, applesauce, peas,
and mashed potatoes.
He really did not like carrots or blueberries.
His "system" really did not like black eyed peas.
Thanks to Daddy for trying those out on him!
He began climbing...  on everything.  into everything.
He liked flipping boxes over and standing on them.
He liked pulling out the tv stand drawer
and standing/sitting in it.
He learned to turn on/off the television.
He continued to find his way into the shower.
While in the bathroom, he'd play in the toilet
and unroll the toilet paper.
He always crawled underneath his musical table...
and got stuck.
He loved other kids.
However, he was a little bit extremely rough.
He was a hitter, biter, and hugger.  Nice combination!
He chewed on toes, clothes, and everything in sight.
He started pointing toward things he wanted.
He loved getting to go consignment sale-ing.
He especially enjoyed his consignment inflatables;
one was filled with balls and the other a punching bag.
He loved "flying" when Daddy threw him up in the air.
He began shaking his head, "No."
He didn't sleep well when away from home.
He learned to "throw" a ball.
He'd roll it to you if and only if...
you sat in the floor with him and rolled it back.
He took his first ride down the slide with his Daddy.
He loved, loved, loved his Daddy...
He followed him into his office, in the kitchen, etc.
He would cry when Daddy left each day.

11th Month in Pictures:

Sitting in the tv stand drawer, watching "Sesame Street"

Notice how he's flipped over the bin and is standing on it
Rolling the ball to Daddy

In his inflatable school bus with WILD HAIR

A "punching bag" lion that Daniel got as an early birthday gift...
You'll see it again!
Meeting baby Gavin for the first time

Trying to get away from Daddy

Flying high

Yes, it scares Mommy to death...
But, Daniel loves it!

First slide ride with Daddy

Have I mentioned that Daniel loves his Daddy?!


twochickens said...

I absolutely can not believe that he is 11 months old!!! How adorable! This post made me really nervous for what's to come in about 4 months... 2 babies in the toilet and toilet paper. AHHH!! Haha! I'm going to have my hands full. :)

Jenny said...

I can't believe he is so big! I also can't believe that he is bigger than Logann! He is so beautiful!