Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy Mondays

Monday is almost over, but I cannot let this week pass me by without mentioning what has REALLY fascinated me this past weekend...  I'll give you two words:  CONSIGNMENT SALES.

When I was pregnant with Daniel, every "mom" friend I knew told me I had to consign.  Well, I went along because it obviously is the cool thing to do.  Now, I haven't consigned anything personally, but I have hit 3 different sales 5 times in the past 4 days and done fantastically well for the upcoming season for BOTH of my boys.  I say "both" because the one in the womb counts already especially when you are needing to plan ahead and CONSIGNMENT SALE shop.

What Is It? 
Consignment sales are practically very nice yard sales that are indoors (at least that's how I'd put it).  What consignors are able to do is sell their gently used or new items for a small fee.  In most cases, consignors get 70% of what their items are priced if sold, and the "vendor" gets the remaining percentage.  Consignment sales are usually twice a year, one for fall/winter sales and another for spring/summer sales.  Both sales have children clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, baby gear, maternity items, etc.  There are even half off days at the end of every sale to get the best for your buck!  Items are usually priced at half off retail.

Where Can I Get It?
I am fairly certain that Middle Tennessee has more consignment sales than stores.  If you plan ahead, you can hit the sales almost every weekend in March and August.  Check out this site; it actually allows you to type in your address and show you every sale within a particular distance.

How Much Is It?  
To go and look, it's free.  If you are able to leave with nothing, I'm amazed!  I've been floored at the incredible deals we were able to get for Daniel and his baby brother.  I was able to get an Easter outfit (Children's Place argyle sweater, polo shirt, and pants) at a half off sale in White House for $2.  Then, I realized he'd need some shoes, and I found those brand new in a Gymboree box for a whopping $4.  Your jaw is dropped, I KNOW! 

Let Me Be Honest...
I've been to sales that honestly aren't that great...  Items were stained or ripped or highly overpriced.  I have a hard time paying a large amount for items that have been used.  However, if you hit a good sale, you'll know it.   Do your research.  If you're looking to buy shorts, see how much they are online at Gymboree or Children's Place, and make yourself feel amazing when you find them for $4.  If you're looking for sweaters, check out the Baby Gap before you pay too much!

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