Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy Mondays

I'm fairly certain I've missed a few Mondays, but let me tell you that the past few weeks have been rough.  From battling a physiological kidney issue which was thought to be a kidney stone from a house full of sickness (colds, ear-infectioned baby, etc), there is no wonder why I haven't posted much. 

HOWEVER, I've become a huge fan of the Rainforest Cafe.  It's my Mommy Monday pick this week!  We took Daniel, who is ten months old, and he LOVED it!  It was so visually stimulating, not just for him but for the adults as well.  The food was amazing - a little pricey but totally worth it.  I would highly suggest taking your wild children there any day!  (Well, more so as a special treat!)

(Daniel admiring the fish at one of the aquarium tanks)

What Is It? 
A rainforest-themed restaurant that is decorated with everything from tree-swinging gorillas and high-flying butterflies to fish-filled aquariums and a bubbling, hot spring.  They have a gift shop, aquarium tanks, and great food! 

 (Daniel and his Daddy watching the bubbles at the hot spring)

Where Can I Get It?
They are spread throughout the United States, but for those of us in Middle Tennessee, it is located in the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville.  Visit their website if out of state, and click on the toucan at the top of your screen for other locations.

How Much Is It?  
It's free to visit the gift shop!  However, the real excitement begins when entering the restaurant!  Food prices range from $5 - $35 per menu item, but you honestly get quite a bit of food for the price.  Go here to see a sample menu.  We tried the Awesome Appetizer and the Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich, and both were under $15 and delicious!  It is a special occasion kind of outing for families.  Kids eat for $1.99 on certain nights, so make sure you call your location and ask about that special!

(Daniel and Mommy visiting the "Talking Tree" in the gift shop)

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