Thursday, March 4, 2010

These Socks are Made for Walking

We've been waiting for months...

When he rolled over at 5 weeks, when he stood by himself at 6 months old, and when he crawled just a week later, we were sure we'd have an early walker.  I can remember people saying, "He'll be walking by 9 months!"  Well, he's only a month off, but Daniel walked today for the first time.

Sure, he had been taking steps in between Mommy and Daddy for quite some time, but that is when there are arms held out for him and he has no fear of falling.  However, today was a bit different.  Brian and I were in the living room (Brian standing near the loveseat; I was sitting on the couch), and Daniel was "perched" at his usual spot, holding on but standing beside the coffee table.  Neither of us were looking at him, when he just took off.  He stepped toward Brian without even thinking about it.  He just did it!  It was only 3 or 4 steps, but we didn't have to convince him to do it or sit in front of him with our arms outstretched.  He just walked... 

It has truly amazed us.  I've been so proud ever since that moment...  Such a huge milestone for our growing family.  I kept telling Daniel he HAD to walk before his baby brother got here...  And HE DID!

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