Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Doggy is NOT Funny.

Last weekend for my birthday, we headed to the local Cracker Barrel with the whole family.  It's never a quick trip to Cracker Barrel with a toddler in tow.  Daniel had nearly fifteen meltdowns to get out of his high chair.  He kept yelling, "Hot!" and pointing at the fireplace and then realized we had fire on our table...  Then, he told every single waitress that passed, "Hello," time and time again.  To keep his attention, we all entertained him with coloring books, biscuits, trains, and tea, and all of that was BEFORE supper even arrived.  At that point, he'd eaten so many strawberry-jellied biscuits that I'm sure the sight of carrots and green beans weren't all that exciting.

Strawberry Jelly on your Biscuit?
Yes, please.

Now, clean my hands.

What WAS exciting was when Grandpa finished eating super quickly and allowed Daniel the opportunity to run wild in Cracker Barrel's country store!  The rest of us enjoyed our meals and finally headed out to see what Daniel and Pa had gotten into.  The kids' section at Cracker Barrel is full of fun.  You would have thought that Daniel was having his own birthday celebration, pulling out every item from its shelf and playing with it until it bored him.  Surprisingly, though, there was one "toy" Daniel didn't find too amusing.  What's funny about it is the fact that it laughs itself silly, rolls all around, and just about scares Daniel to death!

The Laughing Doggy from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

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