Monday, January 10, 2011

Does Your Child Do This?!

It's been happening a little over a month now.  My 20-month-old has a very strange habit.  It's not a bad one; it's just different.  As a teacher, I've worked with all ages and types of children, but this is something I've never seen done...  by any of them

Here's when the obsession started.
We were finding "older" toys to donate before Christmas arrived, because we knew Daniel'd have more cars and trains and trucks than he'd know what to do with.  However, we noticed when we pulled out these cars/trucks from the garage, Daniel began lining them up...  with all of their faces facing the same way.

When he got trains for Christmas, he lined them up as well.

When he got home, he put his tracks together and lined every.single.train.and.tender up on the track.

When he realized that he had Cars as well, he lined them up in a separate line.  I suppose because Daniel realized they were "different."

Again, the cars are all facing the same way. 
Impressive for a 20-month-old, right?!

He even lines up his bath squirters!

And, when he got more from his Mema,
he did the very same thing at her house.

Daniel's most impressive car/train/truck/tender line yet!

Today, he decided he could line up his cars and trains in a new place, the chair seat.  He even continued his "line" onto the arm of the chair! 

And, of course, there is always a line of trains somewhere left behind.

So, fellow friends and readers, does your child do this?!  Have you had a child that ever lined up his/her toys?  If so, share it with me.  If not, what do you think this indicates in a 20-month-old?!

I'm certainly hoping it means major organizational skills.  However, if you saw his closet, you'd wonder why he doesn't "line up" his books?!  I'm not worried one bit.  I love this little habit he's gotten into lately.  I'm so amazed by the detailed mind of my little one.


Becca said...

Greyson does the same exact thing with his trains/tractors. He will line ALL twenty-something trains up and let the Thomas bull dozier pull them all. His tractors all have to be either in a side to side or in a line! Funny little habits these boys have!

Adelene said...

Jenna- YES! Bradon does the same thing with his "Tuckers" (Tonka Trucks)and Trains. I love watching him line them all up. Everything must be so precise : ) Little boys are so sweet! BTW, very cute blog...

Adrian said...

Love it! Cole did this too at this age. I got a picture one time outside (on my blog titled "It's Begun" either in 2008 or 2009) - he lined up all his buckets, etc. from smallest to largest. And when it's cars, they all MUST be facing the same way - sometimes color coordinated (still!). I love that about him :) I think he definitely inherited my Type A personality!

Nina said...

Maybe he's obsessive-compulsive? But very intelligent. Possibly a genius. In my opinion.

Jenny said...

Matthew used to do the same thing. He would line up his cars for extended periods of time, sometimes for over an hour. Like Daniel, he lined them up all facing the same way. Once he'd get them all lined up, he'd start rearranging from a different starting point. I wondered to myself if there was something wrong with him.. it just seemed odd to me. I think he's fine, and that's just what little boys do!

Anonymous said...

My mom told me that when I was a little girl, I would line all of my dolls/bears up in a very straight line against the wall, in height order. The same way. every.time.

He is definitely your future Type A child! :)

love you.

Brittany said...

My Hudson does that too! I was starting to think he was OCD like his daddy! It looks like it is pretty normal for a their age though.