Thursday, January 27, 2011

28 is Great!

I turned 28 five days ago, and can I tell you that, although I am quickly approaching thirty, I had one of the best birthdays I have ever had!  I was spoiled rotten all weekend long and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I got some very thoughtful gifts ranging from clothes and my favorite ice cream cake to BareMinerals makeup, a Willow Tree figurine, gift certificates galore, and money!  Who said getting older wasn't great?!

It always had snowed on my birthdays in years past...  In fact, we just expect it.  Even if there isn't snow in the forecast, I know it's coming.  I've had parties cancelled and rescheduled for as along as I can remember.  So, when they called for snow days before my birthday, it too was almost as if it was God's gift to me.  :)

Here are some pictures from my birthday weekend:

Daniel enjoying Mommy's birthday snow...

Daniel decides to give Mommy a break on her birthday
and feeds Samuel for her.

Okay, nevermind how we look! 
Mom and me at dinner
(Who forgets to wear makeup on her birthday?!)

Eating his strawberry biscuit at Cracker Barrel on Mom's birthday.

Marble Slab Ice Cream cake!

Finally, a picture of the birthday girl!
Daniel helps Mommy open her present.

Samuel loves on Mommy before bed.

But, before going to bed, Samuel surprises her
by crawling on his hands and knees
for the very first time...
on her birthday!

1 comment:

Adrian said...

What a wonderful day (and it only gets better from here - just entered the 30's and LOVE it!).

* Who forgets to wear makeup on their birthday? ANY mama out there. . . little ones come first! :) And may I say, that I would've never know if you hadn't mentioned it. . . you look GREAT girl!