Sunday, January 23, 2011

8 Months Old

I know...  Samuel is getting way. too. big.

In his 8th month, Samuel:
Slept so well... on his stomach.
Wore size 3 diapers.
Fit in size 6-9 month clothes.
Wore a size 2 shoe.
Scooted across the house.
All over it.
Got TWO teeth!
Loved laying on his belly.
Enjoyed his first Christmas.
Got a new Britax car seat and lots of clothes, toys, and shoes.
Liked rolling the ball.
Laughed at his brother a lot.
Was always grinning.
Switched to formula.
Ate at least one jar of food each day.
Hated peas and sweet potatoes.
Loved all fruits.
COULD NOT eat Puffs yet.
Found the tiniest pieces of trash/dirt on the floor.
Still in his infant car seat.
Started getting heavy.
Hated sitting up.
Began liking the exersaucer...
Because he could stand and not sit.
Had favorite toys...  rattles and links.
Tolerated Daniel's roughness.
Took long naps.
Had eczema on his belly, arms, stomach, and face.
Loved his bath and scooting around the tub.
Was held often...  He was SO sweet!
Celebrated his Mommy's 28th birthday.
Took his first major, balanced crawl on his hands and knees that same day.

One very, precious present...
Samuel's first Christmas 2010

Cutting teeth during the Christmas season
and hanging with Pa

Sitting with Daddy

Laughing at Pa...

With cousin Landon

Rolling the ball around the living room

Playing in the exersaucer

Sitting up on his own all the time

Sharing his toys with Daniel

Letting big brother feed him

With Mommy on her 28th birthday!

Crawling isn't so hard...

And, just because he's so sweet...
here's a video I got of him one afternoon during his 8th month.
Get That Ball! from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

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Shelby said...

Connor has eczema too! We have tried EVERYTHING --- 2 different prescriptions and NOTHING helped until... Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion!!!! I'm telling you. That stuff is AMAZING. It's cleared it RIGHT up. Much much much better than the prescription stuff, too!!!