Friday, February 10, 2006

Screaming Like a Little Girl and A Big "High Five" to That

So, the moment I have been waiting for for over a month now finally happened today.

I took two of the four parts of my Praxis II tests (pretty much, I have to pass all of these to become a teacher... like even if I graduate, I have to pass these before they'll let me in a classroom. State Requirements blah.). I was extremely worried leaving Lipscomb that day, 1) because I had no idea where I was, and 2) I didn't feel all that grand about the tests. We're talking TESTS here. Everything I've learned the past 4 and a half years in school.

The Curriculum and Instruction part wasn't all that bad. Only 120 multiple choice questions with a minimum passing score of 159 in TN. After two hours of my allotted time to sit and take this thing, I wanted to shoot myself. The second of the day was the Reading Across the Curriculum test. It was horrible. Absolute horrible. Dude beside me must have had too much crack before he came in because he sniffed the whole time, after every question. If that wasn't bad enough, he cracked his knuckles... And his arms, and his neck. Dude had a BAD case of I don't know what. But the test itself was 60 multiple choice and 3 horrendous essays. Later I found out there was no minimum passing score... You just had to pay $100 to take it and you pass. RIDICULOUS.

SO that was in January. Here it is, forever since then, and the scores come in the mail today... YIKES. Mind you the passing score was 159, and it looks like I won't have to take it again because a 180 sure as HECK looks good to me. Oh, yes, I screamed like a little girl. I was high-fiving myself. NO JOKE. This is huge for me.

2 down... 2 more to go...

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