Sunday, February 5, 2006

Lessons from a Beautifully Broken Soul

As much as I hate to admit this, I have to go on and admit that I've learned a truly valuable lesson tonight. Well, let me just say I've learned a FEW lessons tonight, and learning things isn't always as easy as we imagine.

1. People don't change as much as you always hope they will. Some people will stay the same forever. Now, sometimes this a good thing, but most of the time, it's the people who haven't changed that hurt you the most.

2. When your instinct tells you to go home, go home. When your gut tells you to get out of a situation, then get out of it. When your stomach tells you NOT to eat at Waffle House, do it anyway. Some of the better things in life happen when you follow your heart, but some of the best things happen when you go against the grain.

3. Being a pool shark around a bunch of guys is one of the best traits a girl can have. AND if you happen to play a decent game around those boys, call your Daddy and thank him for that passed-on trait.

4. Watch In Her Shoes any time you get mad, miss, or just need reminding of how much you love your sister. Even better, watch this movie WITH your sister. You'll feel UNBELIEVABLY blessed to have her in your life.

5. People you didn't think were your true friends can become the greatest company on a boring night.

6. Laugh at every situation especially the sad, lonely, and disgusting times. Those will be the memories that last forever... Not the not-so-good times, but the way you HANDLE those not-so-great situations.

7. Do not sit near anyone at Waffle House that, 1) is insanely drunk, 2) that has on a Dale Jr. camoflauge hat, and 3) orders their hashbrowns with EVERY option, including the mushrooms, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese, AND chili and then covers it all with Tabasco Sauce. It will make for a very icky dining experience.

8. Always have hand sanitizer with you. ESPECIALLY at Waffle House. It can make for a unique yet genius way to clean the nasty tables.

9. Love your family even the part of them that embarasses you. No one will ever love you or mean as much to you as they will.

And last but not least, 10. Ashlee Simpson can heal all wounds. She has a song for every situation, and riding around after a RANDOM night listening to her will make you feel like your life is completely normal. Plus, she'll remind you that it's okay to be Beautifully Broken.

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