Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Here's My Resume, You Losers

So I'm stuck with the realization that my college career is almost over...

Seriously, this is so much more difficult than I ever imagined. Four years ago, I thought I'd NEVER finish, and here I am, what only feels like days passed, three and a half months from graduation. This is one scary thought. This summer, I more than likely won't have a job. I have to look for one so that in August I can be teaching. Otherwise, you know what I'll have to do?! Nothing. Broke, poor, and lonely makes for a great combination. I know God chose me for this education field, and He has sent me on a path I would never trade for anything but the uncertainty of it all has thrown me for a loop and along with that comes emotions and fears I never once had.

Today, I focused on my resume. I'm supposed to have one, but every job I've had up until now, I've been able to walk in and get the job. No resume, just a smiling face. I guess this is why I'm so fond of the people I know and the small town I'm from. Getting a job in the education field won't be as easy, as I don't KNOW as many people as I wish I did. I'm really frustrated that I can't remember what I did four years ago, what my GPA was, what clubs I was a part of, what honors I've won because really none of that matters so much to me anymore. I did it, it got me where I am today, but I couldn't remember it for the life of me. Isn't it who I am now that matters? Or not?

So in conclusion, I've decided to work on the REAL resume of me. Not the one I've tossed and turned fifty times in my chair over. The one that you need to know. The one that truly matters.

Jenna R. Warren
Birthdate: January 22, 1983 (you should remember this forever)
Hometown: Greenbrier, TN (important fact)
Current Residence: Chances are you won’t need to know this.
Phone: If you knew me, you’d know this.

Objective: (I have more than one; why isn’t that an option?!)
*To live my life in a way that uplifts my Heavenly Father.
*To educate children in a positive manner, ensure their safety and security, and be a role model so that they will find enjoyment in not only my classroom, but in education.
*To be a great wife and an even better mother.
*To be a friend that listens, encourages, and gives freely of myself.
*To be a positive person that finds the truth and grace in every situation.

Western Kentucky University (4 and a half years and running)
Volunteer State University (the biggest waste of time)
Greenbrier High School (it was a learning experience)

Teaching Experience:
*Student Teacher, Second Grade
*Block Two, Sixth Grade
*Block One, Kindergarten/First Grades Split
*Vacation Bible School, A LOT
*Jamaica Mission Trip, taught music to kids ages 1-18
***Everyday (I’m pretty bossy, I wear teacher clothes, I am very organized, I don’t mind throw-up and boogers, I like to write and color, I like to smile and laugh, and I love acting like a kid. See, I’m perfect for teaching.)

Other Experience:
*Teller/Service Center Representative (4 years), Old Hickory Credit Union (I listened to people complain about money, claim I had stolen their money, and deal with money everyday but made the most I ever will for the rest of my life.)
*Hostess/Trainer/Server (2 years), Cracker Barrel (I broke glasses, wrote the daily feature on the chalkboards, wore a red apron with 4 stars, ate good food, built up some arm muscles, taught people the job, and made some great friends. Perfect training for a teacher.)

Additional Training:
I’m 23 years old. Of course, I have additional training.
Life. Loss. Love. Music. Computers. College. Friendships. Uncertainty. Confusion. Peer Pressure. Sign Language. Lactose Intolerance. Head Injuries. Relationships. Cheerleading. Driving. Alcohol. Family. Weddings. Self Doubt. Movies. Hyperactivity. ADD. Insomnia. The list goes on and on…

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