Monday, June 4, 2012

Thoughts on Three

Today, I'm on my own.  With three little boys.  Did I mention that I am by myself?!

Both Brian and my mom had taken two weeks off of work when Elias was born, and here we are, two weeks later, and I am on my own.  I feared the worst, to be honest.  Last night, I was so overwhelmed with the day ahead that I could barely sleep.  However, despite the fact that it's only 2:00 in the afternoon, the boys and I have already had showers, arrived ON TIME to the pediatrician's office, took a trip to the grocery, and ate lunch and a snack.  Currently, not a single child is crying.  The older boys are playing together in their room, and Elias is napping.  What did I have to fear?!  Sure, there have been moments today when I almost lost it...  for starters, how in the world did I forget wipes when packing the diaper bag?!  Why did I not have an extra shirt for MYSELF in the van?!  AND, what was I thinking when I thought going to get four gallons of milk with three kids in tow was a good idea?! 

I'm learning a lot about parenting, motherhood, children, and myself during this precious time.  People said we were going to have our hands full when they learned we were pregnant with Elias.  People also said that three under three was insane.  They mentioned that we'd go crazy, go nowhere, and get very little sleep.  While some of that may be true, my thoughts on having three are a bit different than those given to me prior to Elias' arrival and the transition from two children to three under three. 

Here are just a few:
  • It takes at least 10 minutes to load the van, 20 minutes to change diapers and potty, and 30 minutes to pack to go anywhere. 
  • Even with a mini-van, there is not enough room for us all.  Our car seats, extra clothing and diapers, and collection of strollers take up more space than should be allowed. 
  • Diapers/Pull-ups/Overnites for three children are more expensive than gas.  I'm so thankful for the stockpile I've created in my garage.
  • There is no diaper bag big enough to carry everything we need when we're all together, and sometimes, each child needs a bag of their own. 
  • 30+ pounds aren't that heavy until you bring home an 8 pound baby.  My toddlers are breaking my back on a daily basis.
  • Forget not having enough hands...  I don't have enough eyes or ears to keep up with the boys!
  • Lack of sleep never is easy.  Even if you are used to it.  Going to bed early is key.
  • Hand-me-downs are amazing.  Dressing our children would be impossible without them.  This is why I have yet to consign ANYTHING of ours.
  • Lunch is the hardest hour of the day.  The older two cry if they don't get what they want, the baby is screaming for what he wants, and I am doing my best to hold it together!  :)
  • If I can manage getting them in it, riding in the van with all three boys is my favorite thing.  They are all happy and contained.
  • Doctor visits are nuts.  I really don't know any other way to explain it.
  • Sickness spreads like wildfire.
  • It's not as bad as I thought.  Really, it isn't.
  • One-on-one with each child is super important.  I can tell my older ones crave my attention, and I love giving it to them.  
  • Going is easier than staying.  Believe it or not, as difficult as loading them up is, we are all content when we get out of the house...  if only for a few minutes.
  • Grocery carts aren't convenient for parents.  They just aren't roomy enough.  Where am I supposed to put my groceries once I get my kids in the cart?!
  • I feel humbled.  I notice people looking at me as if I'm insane to have so many kids, but I realize that God is the giver of life and He has given me three little ones to care for.  I'm seriously honored to have this hectic, crazy life.  

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shea said...

Cart thing got me this past week. Simple trip to Kohl's...too easy. Got in got a shirt checked out. Sarae had to potty. Had Shon on top just like the lady before me had her little one. Sarae had to ride on front or she said she was going to pee on herself. Shia was riding behind the handle bar. We were literally 20 ft from the bathroom and Sarae grabbed Shon's seat handle and it flipped onto the floor. I was so mad at the cart!!! They really do need new designs for moms+ baby. Glad you survived!