Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I Like About Elias...

  • He often sleeps with his eyes open.
  • His blue eyes are dark and big!
  • His precious nose is just like his brothers'.
  • He has full lips.
  • He is long.
  • He grows so fast.
  • He likes to snuggle.
  • His cry is quiet.
  • He only cries when he's dirty, hungry, or sick.
  • He smiles in his sleep. 
  • His hair lies perfectly on his head.
  • His bottom lip shivers when he wakes up.
  • He keeps his arms and fists close to his face.
  • He handles all of the attention from his brothers very well.
  • He is content if he's being held.
  • He curls his toes.
  • He reminds me so much of God's grace.

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