Friday, June 8, 2012

The Things Kids Say...

Lately, Daniel at three years old has become quite chatty and outspoken.  He seriously says things that people are thinking but would never say aloud.  I love his honesty, and his humor astounds me.  In the last week, Brian and I have found ourselves literally laughing out loud over things Daniel has to say...

  • Mom, it's an ant!  RIGHT THERE!  Kill it fast with your shoe. - upon discovering some unwanted intruders in the house
  • screaming at the top of his lungs - I'm a quiet mouse!
  • while on a walk in the neighborhood - Ugh, gross.  Who did that right there?  Why'd they do that poop on the grass?  That's not good.  That is gross.  Why'd someone do that?  I explain that a dog must have done it.  He needs to go to the potty. 
  • I don't like your booty at all.  Put some pants on! - details are not needed. 
  • I am the boss, Mommy.  You are not the boss.
  • exclaiming to complete strangers - I have a new baby brother at my house.  His name is Elias Joseph.  He cries a lot.  He shakes a lot.  He sleeps a lot too.
  • I got a great idea.  See, isn't this a great idea?! 
  • I can.  I think I can. - while trying to build a fort.
  • We're making too much noises.  - upon hearing Elias crying.

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