Monday, June 18, 2012

Miss List

I'll be completely honest that the past few weeks with 3 children has completely changed my outlook on life.  I mean it.  I am a firm believer that God knows what is best, but He is knocking my socks off with this little addition.  I never knew a 10 lb. baby could do that, but God surely is teaching me a multitude of lessons having given us Elias. 

I find myself "missing" things...  You know, like the-life-before-three-children kind of missing things.  I miss getting places on time.  I miss having just enough hands.  I miss sleep.  I miss pre-pregnancy clothes.  I miss an under-packed diaper bag.  I miss extra room in the van.  I miss open space in the fridge.  I miss clean counters.  I miss going to church.  I miss time with my husband.  Did I mention that I miss sleep?!

And yet, I don't miss anything at all.  I can barely remember life before three.  Oh my word, how I love watching my boys learn to live with one another!  I love seeing the older boys "take care" of the baby.  I enjoy the newborn cries and the sweet words my older boys say.  I never imagined life could be so full!  My three sons make me better just by being here and overwhelming me, testing me, and teaching me to lean more on the Lord.  I love, love, love this life I've been blessed with. 

Daniel and Samuel help Elias
understand "tummy time."

Going for their first walk together with Mom.
Yes, the double stroller is HEAVY.
Thank goodness, Daniel can drive
himself on his tricycle!

This doesn't happen often...
SO, I pulled over to make certain
I had a picture of it.
All three boys were asleep in the van.
It was so sweet...  and quiet.

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