Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daniel's 37th and 38th Months

I'm behind a bit...

In His 37th and 38th Months, Daniel:
(in no particular order)
Weighed 36 lbs.
Wore size 3T and 4T clothes.
Wore size 9.5 in shoes.
Met Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales.
Could ride on his tricycle around the whole neighborhood.
Was great with being potty trained.
Liked to "chat" when on the pot.
Had a baby brother!
LOVED having Elias here at home.
Spent time with lots of loved ones!
Got a new jumper for Samuel's birthday.
Visited with family from West TN.
Was so dramatic!
Got a new fence in his backyard!
It was Daniel's favorite thing.
Was super bossy.
Pretty much told us what to do.
Had his closing program for MDO.
Actually stayed on stage!
Was such a ham.
Loved giving hugs.
Had an ear infection.
Loved to pretend.
Enjoyed "being" spiderman and a dog.
Would prefer to be naked.
Really enjoyed stickers.
Was an amazing singer and dancer!
Always wanted to go for a walk.
Would beg to go outside all day long.
Loved to swim and ride his tractor.
Didn't mind the heat at all.
Celebrated Father's Day:
     at Painturo's with Grandpa.
     at home on Father's Day.
Ran a random high fever...
     On two different days.
Would tell people about their gifts from us
     even though they were supposed to be secret.
Opened others' gifts before they could.
Took Daddy to Chili's for his birthday.
Got Daddy some glass coke bottles.
Had a terrible time with tantrums.
Cried hysterically when he didn't get his way.
SO, he cried a LOT.

Daniel's Favorites These Months:
  • Color:  Green
  • Shape:  Circle
  • Song:  Three Men Walking, Arise and Shine
  • People:  Ms. Jennifer, Mimi, Grandpa, Jessica, Gavin, Bekah, and "all my friends"
  • Food:  Popsicles, Lunchables, fruit
  • Snack:  Gummies, Blue or Pink Koolaid
  • Toy:  John Deere Tractor and Swimming Pool
  • Movie:  Chuggington
  • Bible Story:  Daniel in the Lion's Den, Three Men in the Fire
  • Restaurant:  McDonald's, "Chicken Lay" (Chick Fil A)
Popular Phrases and Conversations:
  • I got a question.
  • Hey!
  • Mom said no.
  • Mom said that.
  • I want a popsicle.
  • I wanna go to church with Daddy!
  • I throwed a fit.
  • I understand.
  • I need you to listen.
  • That's not a great idea.
  • That's a great idea!
  • Who it is?
  • There you go, bud.
  • I help you. 
  • Let's go for a little drive.
  • I really do.
  • Here you go.
  • I wanna see Jesus.  (biblical dvds)
So many things going on here...
Wearing his pajamas with no bottoms,
made sure to pack his bag,
but while watching cartoons,
fell asleep sitting up.

3 Year Checkup
Talked the doctor's ears off
and offered to share his Reese's pieces.

Cheesing with Ms. Rochelle :)

Storytime with Ms. Jennifer

Showing off his sword
at Chick Fil A's Family Night

Climbing at McDonald's

Convincing Samuel that pushing him
is a "great idea"

Meeting his baby brother

All of the boys

Riding the Deere

Jumping like Crazy

Hook up the car, Mom.
I can pull it.

Celebrating Daddy's 32nd Birthday

Target Practice in the Tub

Sweet as Orange Sherbet

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