Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adventures in Alaska - Day 1

When Brian told me that the Anchor and Brother James Keen had called him to be their revival helper, I was stunned.  My initial reaction was fear.  How would I handle two toddlers on my own for 7 days?!  However, much to my surprise, the Lord opened up all kinds of doors (and hearts) to allow me to go with Brian to Alaska for what-ended-up-being 9 spectacular days.

Day 1 was a whirlwind. We spent much of the night packing and making sure everything was in order both for us and for our kids.  Mimi was able to take a week off from work to keep the boys at our house.  We left the morning of Daniel's 2nd birthday, and it was bittersweet.  I wasn't nearly as sad as I imagined I'd be, but it was strange leaving him on such a precious day.  However, what I had in store was very worth it!

We boarded our plane in Nashville and headed to Minneapolis.  I realize that I'm not much of a traveler because 1) I was fascinated to find a dvd/tv screen in front of me on the plane, and 2) I was amazed by the amazing stores in the airports.  Seriously, I couldn't even get pictures of it all!

I'd never seen one of these on a plane before!

The coolest bookstore we've ever seen.

As goofy as it was, we had to pose as Vikings.

My sister works at the Spirit of the Red Horse
in the Nashville Airport.
So, it was fitting I take a picture
in front of the one in Minneapolis.

The flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage was quite long.  6 hours to be exact.  My rear end was so tired.  As was I.  The jet lag was excruciating, and I don't even know how to explain it.  The 4 hour time difference was tough, but seeing Brother James for the first time in the airport was refreshing.  It was so nice seeing a familiar face.  Then James drove us to his home in Anchorage, and this was the view...

Just driving down the road,
and this is what you see.
No big deal.

When we got to the Keen's home, it was so precious.  I can't explain it, but I felt so at home in their home.  We didn't know this family all that well, but God had begun weaving our hearts together in years past.  Yet this was our first chance to seriously "meet" them.  Their children had welcome cards waiting for us.  They met us with giant smiles and fresh faces.  They were so excited to have us.  And because it was already late, we simply went for a walk around their neighborhood.  If that walk had been all we would see, I would have been delighted.  Their children and the amazing views were already imprinted in my mind. 

At Cheney Lake Park,
right down the road from the house.
Snow-capped mountains!

Sweet and Spunky Anna

Intelligent and Incomparable Josiah

Humorous and Humble Micah

Amazing Grace

Thanks for the warning.

Just a Little Walk with James.

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