Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daniel's 2nd Birthday Bash Decor

Those of you who know me, know that I'm a "sucker" for birthday party decorations.  I'm not as nuts about the parties themselves, just the details.  So, Daniel's 2nd birthday party was no exception.  I promised myself it wouldn't be a "big" as his first due to so many obligations and our busy schedule, but I couldn't help it... 

Daniel loves trains.  I mean, he absolutely would spend his whole day everyday playing with trains, and most of the time, he does.  I wanted his party to impress him!  I found the most adorable Trucks, Trains, and Planes scrapbook paper and designed the whole party around it.  Here are a few pictures of the details:

The train tracks
We surprised Daniel with his own train tracks, spray-painted into the yard.  The tracks led the way to the party in our back yard.

The birthday boy
Upon his arrival, Daniel was so excited over the tracks that he just stood and stared.  He soon got the clue to take off down the tracks!

The back yard full of fun
(Special thanks to our friends, Lisa and Rob, for the bounce house and ride on toys)

The cupcake tower
(Special thanks to my dear friend, Becca H. at Custom Confections, for these!)

The party favors
Each child got their own appliqued t-shirt, and before you think I spent too much time on this, I'll go ahead and agree with you.  :)  While, it did take a bit of time, I could not stand the idea of spending money on plastic toys and sweet treats for favors.  I wanted something individualized and special.  I actually only spent $2 - $3 on each shirt and its fabric.  I won't tell you how much time was spent on each! 

Personalized thank-you notes

The train centerpiece
I saw this done and had to come up with a way to do it myself.  I LOVED IT!  While we served hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, and chips, this centerpiece was eye-catching and served as extra treats for everyone who didn't like cupcakes.  By the way, the "steam" from the engine is actually cotton candy.

Pretzel Log freight car

Rock Candy freight car

Rice Krispy Treats "Hay Bales" freight car
(Special thanks to my mom, Mimi, for making these for us!)

Daniel's attire
I made Daniel's shirt.  It was somewhat of a preview for everyone to see what their party favors were going to look like!

Daniel's attire #2
While I didn't get a good picture of it, Daniel's shirt was a little special in the fact that I added the number 2 to the back of it!

More pictures of the party to come...

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