Saturday, April 23, 2011

Samuel Turns 11 Months Old!

Wow!  Sweet Samuel has grown up extremely too fast...  While we realize we've "babied" him in some ways, we're quickly learning that Samuel is no longer a baby.  He's becoming quite the little boy!

In his 11th Month, Samuel:
Weighed about 18 pounds.
Was so short.  :)
Had the cutest chubby legs.
Wore a size 3 in shoes...
  only because his feet were wide.
Wore a size 12 months in clothes...
  but needed size 6-9 months in pants.
Said the words:  da-da, uh-oh
Only had two teeth.
Made many new friends at the Ministers' School.
Liked meeting his buddy, Lincoln.
Still scooting and not crawling...
Loved pulling up to stand.
Had his first taste of ice cream!
Went to the Fontanel Mansion with his parents
   on their 4th Anniversary!
Was "strolled" over a swimming pool!
Fell asleep often in his jumperoo.
Loved to play and read with big brother.
Made HILARIOUS faces!
Started liking television.
Had surgery to remove the skin tag.
Did extremely well.
Recovery was rough...
Cried until he fell asleep in Daddy's arms,
   with the help of 2 doses of pain meds.
Went home and played following surgery.
Had stitches and tape to cover his incision.
Didn't seem to be bothered at all.
Celebrated Daniel's 2nd birthday!
Slept through most of the party.
Finally somewhat switched to sippy cups.
Began getting some whole milk in his cups.
Kissed Mommy and Daddy the morning they left
   for their 8 day trip to Alaska.
Spent the next 8 days with his Mimi.

Some of Samuel's Favorite Things:

Food(s):  Yogurt
Toy(s):  Balls, Jumperoo
Snack:  Puffs
Saying(s): da-da, uh-oh
Thing to Do:  Standing Up

Proof that Sweet Samuel DOES make messes!

My first taste of Chick-fil-A ice cream!

At the Fontanel Mansion on Mommy
and Daddy's 4th Anniversary

Riding on the tour bus to the Mansion

Strolling over the Fontanel's swimming pool

Playing with Daniel

Eating my snacks

Surgery Day at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

At Daniel's 2nd Birthday Bash

The morning Mommy and Daddy left for Alaska

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