Monday, April 18, 2011

Follow-Up Miracle

On Monday, April 18th, Samuel had his follow up visit with Dr. Kelly, his plastic surgeon at Vanderbilt, just 5 short days following his surgery.  The doctor's first words were, "He's fine."  What a relief!  The "tag" on Samuel's neck proved to be non-cancerous and as suspected ran deeply.  It was through the muscles of Samuel's neck and connected to tissue, but this did not seem to cause any need for alarm.  The surgery lasted all of 20 minutes. 

What did surprise us, however, was the explanation of what this "skin tag" actually was.  Apparently, when babies' ears are forming in the womb, they do so in 6 parts, and somehow, in God's providence, one of Samuel's parts did not form exactly where it should have.  It formed into the fold of his neck.  I know you are wondering how this is possible (as we did), but we were comforted with the knowledge that Samuel passed his hearing test as an infant.  His ear shows no signs of malformation or discomfort.  It is simply a miracle as God must have intended.

As my husband beautifully wrote after learning this news, our Lord knew that Samuel would one day need to hear the Gospel, and how fitting it is that it was in God's hands as He formed this little one within my womb, despite the "loss" of one of the six parts of his ear, God knew Samuel would be able to hear!   

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