Monday, April 4, 2011


I feel as though life has been moving like a whirlwind lately.  Everyone tells us constantly to "enjoy it" because "they'll be grown" before we know it.  I've come to the realization that everyone isn't kidding.  I have two babies that are quicking becoming "not" babies.  In the next month and a half, I will celebrate two boys' birthdays...  Daniel will turn two, and Samuel will be one.  Go ahead, and gasp at that. 

As the boys and I hovered in the closet today, eating Dunkaroos, puffs, and pb & j's, I noticed that these moments are swiftly passing me by.  I find myself caught up in the difficulty of raising two boys under two, and I manage to miss how precious it truly is.  As the lights flickered on and off as the weather outside raged, I found myself as content as I'd ever been...  so grateful and feeling incredibly humbled that this really is my life. 

When I least expect it, God reminds me to "Be still," while I am staring in the blue-eyed boys He's entrusted me with, and no matter what winds are blowing, I can be assured that God is in control.  He knows what tomorrow holds, and be it a second birthday party or years down the road, I have these days to cherish because of Him. 

Oh, and as for the storms, our swingset and grill met their match... 

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