Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Terribly Yet Terrifically TWO

Daniel turned two on April 20th, and while Mommy and Daddy had to leave that morning for Alaska while he was sleeping, you cannot imagine our excitement for our sweet baby to make it to big boy status!

In his 24th month, Daniel:
Weighed 28 pounds; in 50th percentile.
Wore size 24 month and 2T clothes.
Wore size 8 in shoes!
Got souvenirs from Hawaii!
Lined all of his toys up...
Played with his friend, Bekah, often.
Took naps while riding on Mom's back in the Beco.
Helped celebrate Mom and Daddy's 4th Anniversary...
Mostly, just ate their chocolate cake!
Enjoyed making messes...
Pulled out every single item in Mommy's shelves.
Liked reading books with Samuel.
Spent time with family when Samuel had surgery.
Played with beans on rainy days.
Went to his first Easter egg hunt with Mimi.
Helped Mommy and Daddy pack for their Alaska trip.
Spent a LOT of time at Hobby Lobby...
   while Mommy planned his birthday party.
Had a Trucks, Trains, & Planes party!
Loved the tracks his parents spray-painted in the yard.
Had his first cupcake BEFORE anyone arrived.
Lots of his friends came and played with him.
Ate a hot dog and chips...  and 2 more cupcakes.
Got TONS of Thomas toys and items.
His favorite gift was definitely his Dinosaur Train from Addy.
Said bye-bye to Mommy and Daddy for a while.
They left on his 2nd birthday while he was sleeping...
Spent 8 days with his Mimi and Samuel!

Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):  Spaghetti, Peaches
Toy(s):  Talking Thomas trains, Bash (logging loco train), Stickers
Show(s):  Thomas, Caillou, Bob the Builder
Snack:  Puffs, Pretzels
Song: This Little Light of Mine
Saying(s): What's that?  Where are you?  Where going?  What doing?
Color: Blue (he says everything is "blue)
Thing to Do:  Swinging and Dancing

SUPER excited over his car line!

"Look, Mommy!" were his exact words.

Reading with little brother before bath.

"I swingin," he says.

Taking Thomas through the beans...

Upon arrival for his 2nd birthday party...

Cupcake 1 of 3 for the birthday boy!

Thank you, Addy, for the Dinosaur Train.

Sleeping away when Mommy and Daddy left for Alaska
the morning of his 2nd birthday.  :)

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