Friday, May 20, 2011

Daniel is 25 Months Old

In Daniel's 25th month, he:
Weighed 28 pounds.
Wore size 2T in clothes.
Wore a size 8 shoe.
Wore size 4 diapers.
Talked up a storm.
Wanted to walk and NOT ride the stroller.
Was rough and tough.
Went through a "biting" stage.
Going through a "hitting" stage.
Laughed at spankings.
Could NOT sit still.
Went to his friend Hannah's 1st birthday party.
Loved to jump and swing.
Was super michievious.
Always made us laugh.
Went to Detroit for a revival.
Visited the HOT and overcrowded Detroit Zoo.
Got a surprise at the Train Toy Store in Detroit.
Went to Canada.  It was boring.  Got a postcard.
Called Bro. Matthew, "Captain" and "Jack".
Loved Cars.
Tested our patience.
Threw tantrums in restaurants.
Was very loving and gave hugs.
Always said he was sorry and asked for help.
Knew to say "please" if he wanted something.
Could out-smart ANY child-proofing technique.
Liked climbing stairs.
Played "boo" all of the time!
Finished his first year of Mother's Day Out!
Hated performing in front of the crowd.
Was often found:
  • taking off his clothes
  • climbing the childproof gates
  • pulling toilet paper off the roll in small pieces
  • trying to unlock the doors
  • playing in the trash
  • pulling out Mommy's pots and pans
  • reading to his brother
  • giving hugs and kisses
  • tickling others
  • using good manners
Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:Food(s):  Cake
Toy(s):  Swingset, Tractors, Trains
Show(s):  Thomas, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Movie(s):  Thomas, Cars, Chicken Little, Annie
Snack:  Raisins, Graham Crackers
Song:  This Little Light of Mine and Bees
Saying(s):  What're you doing, Mommy?  No.  Pwease.  Help. 
Color: Green (he says everything is "green")
Thing to Do:  Swinging, Sliding, Running, Jumping
Liked waking up early and laying with Daddy

Had a BIG grin :)

Um, Hannah, you are supposed to eat that cake,
so if you aren't going to, I will.

What to do when you are stuck in Daddy's closet
during wild weather:
eat all of his breathmints like candy
and drape yourself in his ties!

Snacking through the MDO program

With his best friend, Isabelle, at the
end of the MDO Program

Good Morning, Mommy!

Last Day of Mother's Day Out  :(

Enjoying the car carts at Meijer in Michigan

Making not so memorable memories
in Canada with Mommy

Eating at the bar at the Atlantic Coney Island
in Detroit where he had Mickey pancakes

The Train Toy Store was seriously the
best part of the trip for this kid!

What we really thought of the Detroit Zoo!

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Becca said...

Wow...I thought the boys stayed home with your mom while y'all went to canada. You are brave to fly that far with them!