Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready or Not

As Daniel and I napped one afternoon this week, just before I drifted off, I realized that Daniel wouldn't be our only child (here on earth) for much longer.  As exciting as that statement is, I almost teared up just thinking about it.  I worried over my capabilities as a parent and what life would be like with two children who will be less than 13-14 months apart, and the fear of continuing exhaustion that has been in full effect since last April when he was born almost overwhelmed me.

That is, until this precious, first-born son of mine, snuggled up close to my chest, and I suddenly felt his sweet, growing brother gently nudge his older sibling from my inside.  For what seemed like hours, I laid in awe of this little being (25 weeks and counting) and how he was "communicating" with both Daniel and his mommy. 

Somehow, my nerves were calmed, and I realized how amazing God must be to allow ME to experience this much joy...  Sure, there are moments when I am so scared of what is to come that I almost choke, but mostly, there are moments like these when my God reassures me that these "are the plans He has for me..."

Ready or not, the moments of exhaustion are coming...  The sleepless nights and soon thereafter, the endless fights.  I cannot tell you how exciting that is to me these days.  Ready or not, God seems to say, and I, for one, am ready for what He has in store.

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Meg-o said...

I love this, sweet sister. The blessings are endless.