Saturday, February 6, 2010

Have I Told You Lately...

that I love you?

When the baby is sleeping and the world is quiet,
I realize how much I need you.

When the house is a mess and you take charge,
I realize how thankful I should be for you.

When the days seem long and my words fail me,
I realize how much you care for me.

When I have had enough and I'm about to break,
I realize I don't deserve you.

When I have one thing on my mind and you leave me to it,
I realize you understand who I am.

When I have neglected you and our time together,
I realize you still want more...

When you laugh at my jokes that aren't funny at all,
I realize I have found my best friend.

When there's no one I'd rather talk to,
I realize you are all I want.

When you've fallen asleep before I've come to bed,
I realize how blessed I am.

When we've learned life is short but I'll see you again,
I realize that God knew what He was doing...

In case you are wondering why I am writing about my husband for all the world to see, it is because, as God ordained it, I am a part-time mother who will always be a full-time wife.  Simply stated, I find myself writing more often about my amazing child than taking time to talk to my sweet husband.  I never, ever want to forget who God intended for me to spend my life with, and though our children are tremendous blessings, marriage was what God made first...  It's just taken me all day to realize it.

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Leigh said...

I just want to say I LOVED reading your blogs.. I experienced a miscarriage 4 months ago, and have reached a dead end, and feel like I will never get Pregnant again. I am a Christian, and appreciate you writing this beautiful blog that you have. I now feel like I have a chance at conceiving children.