Thursday, April 23, 2015

Elias Escapades

He really is quite the child. He has turned out to be the most rambunctious, energetic, and hilarious of our three sons, and not a day goes by that he doesn't drive me crazy. However, he can make me laugh more than anyone in the world.  

Just recently, for instance, this little bit:

* decided to pour a gallon of water all over the bathroom floor.

* has taken a liking to dressing himself in the most fascinating ways. Clothes are often inside out, socks are gloves, coats are acceptable in the spring, and anything goes.

* shovels food in his mouth.

* thinks he can avoid bedtime if he's pretending to potty train, which he clearly isn't interested in attempting or accomplishing yet.

* likes pretending to be the bad "die", which is guy, and runs at us with a water gun.

* figured out how to unbuckle his car seat, get really quiet, then fall asleep while we're on the interstate. Oh, yes, he did.

* ate both of his brothers' leftover pieces of birthday cake. Both of theirs.

* likes to have crazy hair... at his sleep study, they put this gel on the electrodes to keep them on his head. When they came off, his hair was everywhere, but he just laughed!

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