Monday, April 27, 2015

Daniel is SIX!

I cannot believe I am even typing those words... he has been such an amazing joy and work of grace in our lives, and it feels like only yesterday that Daniel was born! He has had a HUGE year, and God has done great things for him in it.

Because our three boys have birthdays so close together, we usually combine them and celebrate with one large party. We, however, take special care in creating a day for each boy on his actual birthday where he chooses, within reason, where we eat and what dessert we are having. It is fun!

Daniel was pretty adamant about his April 20th birthday this year. He wanted Cracker Barrel for supper and frozen yogurt for dessert. However, we have no frozen yogurt places in our town, and I knew he would love cake just as much.

I walked into Walmart after eating supper and found the perfect cake for Daniel! He will tell you he doesn't really have a favorite color... because he loves them all. Sometimes, he will say his favorite color is a rainbow color. :) Walmart had a rainbow blast cake premade, and the excitement on his face when we cut into it was precious!

I think my favorite moments from his 6th birthday were when he actually prayed over his own birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel and the joyful expressions on his face as he opened his gifts! He is just so excited and happy about most things... it is contagious.

We are so blessed by this rambunctious ball of energy! I am thankful God has entrusted us with him for a season. I couldn't be more excited to see what is in store for Daniel.

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