Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mister Mail Man

Much to my surprise, my kids love our Mail Mondays.  They actually were asking to go to the post office, and since our mailbox was hit by a suburban, we have to go.  It floors me every time I'm in the post office how friendly the workers are with the boys.  However, last week's visit topped the friendly chart!

The postal worker called us up to the counter, and I said, "Daniel, look, his name starts with a D like your name!"  Daniel replied, "Let me see."  The man smiled, catching on to the fact that he and my 3 year old shared the same name, and started a conversation with my Daniel.  We were turning to leave when postal worker, Daniel, tells us to wait a minute...  He reaches into his desk and tells Daniel that he wanted him to have something with his name on it!  Daniel now has his very own USPS name tag.!

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