Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Seriously?  Did I just type that?!

In his 5th Month, Elias:
Weighed 21 lbs, 7 oz.
Wore size 12 month clothes.
Wore size 3 diapers -
     but needed to move to size 4.
Rolled all of the time.
Drooled all of the time.
Started making the best sounds.
Began baby food.
Mommy is making it herself.
Started on rice cereal...  hated it.
Moved to bananas...  loved them.
Tried squash...  not a fan.
Spends a lot of time on his belly.
Loves watching everything that's happening.
Fusses when he's hungry, sleepy, or not getting attention.
Takes cat naps...  20 minute ones about 3 times a day.
Sleeps ALL night.  Like 8-10 hours.
Still breastfed.  5 oz 4-5 times a day.
Likes sitting up.
Does pretty well at it.
Found his feet and fingers.
Isn't a huge fan of the exersaucer.
Is too big for our infant car seat.
     too big means he's exceeding the weight limit.
Got a new one (from Korbin)
     as an early Christmas gift from Mimi.
Went on Tamiflu
     because Daddy and Mommy got the flu.
Spent a few days at Mimi's to avoid the flu.
Sleeps in his car seat.
Had bronchialitis.
Got breathing treatments every few hours.
Still wheezes from tracheomalacia...
     but not NEARLY as often.
Loves to chew on his hands.
Yellow is his favorite color.
He goes for anything yellow.
Really likes Samuel's Sesame Street school bus.
Loves his MOMMY!
Went to his first family reunion.

Rolled from his back to his belly 
at the beginning of his 5th month.

Loved playing with people's faces...
especially with Daddy.

Showing his true feelings 
about rice cereal.

After a nice meal of bananas...  :)

Making friends with himself.

Loved playing with his brothers' toys.
Especially anything that has yellow on it.

At the end of his 5th month, 
he spent all of his time on his belly...
looking around and "flying."

Meeting his cousin Addie 
at the family reunion.

I think Daniel might be too heavy...
but Elias enjoyed it.

He cracks up when he's watching Daniel.

Visiting with his Grandpa.

Getting some love from Kam (and Kenz).

Loves to roll over onto his belly
while he's sleeping.
He sleeps best on his belly...
though we don't let him.

The sweetest thing ever.
I wish I could keep him like THIS forever.

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