Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh, October!

We're a whopping eleven days into this month, and it's been quite a month indeed.  Let's see.  How can I make a yucky couple of weeks sound enjoyable?

On the first day of October, my sweet boys gave to me...  the most priceless picture of my precious three.
Daddy left for a work conference in Indiana this day,
but the boys played well and I held it together.  :) 

On the second day of October, my three kids gave to me...  an awful headache with no great relief.
I worked on a few of this little pin 
while the boys were in school 
(more details to follow),
but when the boys got home
and Daddy not here,
it made for a tough night!

On the third day of October, my husband gave to me...  his return from Indiana, exciting to say the least.
Much to my surprise, though,
Brian didn't feel well.
He was burning up
and spent the night miserably.

On the fourth day of October, Tamiflu gave to me...  all three boys as precaution since my husband tested positively.
The boys spent their day at MDO
learning Fire Safety and having fun
(see Daniel's "fire" tattoos),
while I packed our bags
and picked up prescriptions.
Brian went that morning 
and tested positive for the flu.

On the fifth day of October, my husband offered me...  a home away from the flu at our Mimi's.
To keep the boys well,
they and I headed to Mimi's house
while Brian was sick at home.
Their favorite part at Mimi's?
Her fall decorations...
Especially Scarecrow.

On the sixth day of October, the pediatrician gave to me...  bronchialitis diagnosis for two of my babies.

The boys were so sick throughout the night.
I took them to the pediatrician.
Samuel and Elias both had bronchialitis.
Breathing treatments.  Yay.

On the seventh day of October, the changing weather gave to me...  a fever that made me want to sleep.
I felt terrible when I woke Sunday morning.
I was so cold.
We went home from Mimi's after church.

On the eighth day of October, the Little Clinic gave news to me...  my husband had given the flu to me.
I knew I didn't feel good, 
But the flu?!
Thanks, honey, for sharing. 
Brian stayed home with the boys. 

On the ninth day of October, the day welcomed me...  husband home again and boy's nose very bloody.
Brian took the boys to MDO,
then watched Elias for me
while I slept.
When he went to pick the boys up,
they begged to go to the park.
That's when Samuel fell somehow
on the curly slide.
Busted his nose.  Bloodied his shirt.
(see Samuel's nose above)

On the tenth day of October, the boys gave to me...  lots of exhaustion and Blue Mountain Mystery.
Being sick is rough when you're a mom.
However, you make it work.
Like with lots of t.v., snacks, and "sure"s.
We also got a free dvd code to the Redbox.
That's when we found 
the new Thomas movie was available!

On the eleventh day of October, the good Lord gave to me...  mother's day out, fever free, and my sanity.
We've all got some major congestion,
but the boys are at MDO 
and I'm staring down at this sweet face.

On the twelfth day of October, I'll tell you what I'll do for me...  relax, enjoy, and drink some sweet tea.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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