Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daniel's 39th - 42nd Months

I've gotten WAY behind on posting Daniel's monthly updates, so I'll combine and explain how BIG our firstborn is getting!

In his 39th-42nd Months, Daniel:
Weighed 37 lbs.
Wore size 3T and 4T clothes.
Wore size 10.5 wide in shoes.
Didn't need diapers!
COMPLETELY potty trained...
     except when he slept.
Loved being outside.
Rode on his tractor A LOT.
Enjoyed driving or walking down to Mrs. Debbie's house.
Liked to pretend.
Enjoyed having Mrs. Jennifer over!
Loved popsicles and pizza.
Liked being naked.
Was super opinionated.
Was very helpful.
Took a special liking to Elias.
Was incredibly creative.
Liked everything to be in a line.
Celebrated Aunt Kim's 30th Birthday!
Loved going to church.
Liked taking pictures.
Distracted Mommy while she voted.
Celebrated Levi's birthday with Captain.
Did not like being alone.
Fought taking naps.
Started Mother's Day Out.
Got a new teacher, Mrs. Ann.
Loved having his friend, Reid, in his class.
Had fun at Seth's train party!
Loved swimming in their pool!
Mostly he liked the water guns!
Was super excited to get a Thomas lunchbox.
Always wanted to hold Elias.
Wanted to snuggle up in bed with us in the mornings.
Was SHOCKED when Daddy came home
    with his head shaved for Addy!
Learned how to climb ON TOP
     of the swingset.  I kid you not.
Really liked to wrestle.
Loved digging up dirt, mud, and worms.
Celebrated Mimi's birthday at Red Robin!
Started learning scriptures and
     using a wisdom/discipline chart.
Loved trains, building tents, and dressing up.
Also liked using items to build forts.
Met Daniel at the post office.
Daniel gave Daniel a USPS name tag.
Did NOT like to share.
Became clingy when Mom dropped him off
     at Mother's Day Out.
Started Tamiflu to avoid Daddy's flu.
Stayed at Mimi's while Daddy was sick.
Loved water fountains.
Had fun at the family reunion.
Really liked the tee ball.
Was always picking Elias up...
     scaring Mommy to death!
Could make ANYONE crack up!
Especially Elias and Mommy.
Was super strong-willed.
Liked Mimi's scarecrow and Pumpkin houses.
Had an AWESOME memory.
Could explain events in detail.
Went to the circus.
Whined the first half of it.
Was in the bathroom for 1/4 of it.
Enjoyed the rest of it.

Daniel's Favorites These Months:
  • Color:  Blue or Red
  • Shape:  Star
  • Song:  The B-I-B-L-E, There's No Power in the Water
  • People:  Ms. Jennifer, Mimi, Grandpa, Jessica, Natalie, Seth, Bekah, Daddy, Elias, Mrs. Debbie
  • Food:  Popsicles, Lunchables, Fruit, Pizza
  • Drink:  "Hot" = Mountain Dew or Sprite
  • Snack:  Gummies
  • Toy:  John Deere Tractor and Swing Set
  • Thing to Do:  Being Outside, Going, Building Tracks, Tents or Forts
  • Movie:  Blue Mountain Mystery (Thomas)
  • TV:  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  • Bible Story:  Daniel in the Lion's Den
  • Restaurant:  McDonald's, "Chicken Lay" (Chick Fil A), "Taccer Bell"
Popular Phrases and Conversations:

  • I telled you that.
  • Listen.
  • I want "hot" to drink.  I don't want milk or juice.  Hot!
  • I don't want to.
  • I don't wanna go to school.
  • I love you, brother.
  • Hey, let's go outside.  We're going to the park, okay Mom?
  • Where are we going?
  • Give me that.
  • Now!
  • No,  you're not.  
  • I'm the boss.
  • I'm big.  See?  I'm three.
39th Month - July 2012
Eating Mrs. Debbie's 4th of July cookies

Riding his tractor on the super hot 4th.

Eating popsicles 
and celebrating
Mrs. Jennifer's anniversary

Enjoying one of our Mail Mondays
without clothes...

Built himself a basketball goal
in the living room
with a bucket and the recliner.

Lining up his trains/cars/trucks.

Taking pictures of Elias
while sitting in Elias' bumbo.

40th Month - August 2012
Napping with Samuel 
in Samuel's bed

Playing in the Pool
at Seth's party

Driving around with the Birthday Boy

Showing off his new lunchbox

Excited to hold Elias

Swimming in some murky water...

No one makes Elias laugh
like Daniel does!

Proud big brother.

Snuggling with Elias

41st Month - September 2012
Saying "cheese" to a picture for Addy

Daddy, are you still my Daddy?

Taking a ride

Showing off his mad face

Happy Birthday to his Mimi

Dressing up in Elias' hats

42nd Month - October 2012

Building a fort in the backyard

A fun visit to the post office

Enjoying the nursery at church...

Having fun at the family reunion

The only way Daniel will eat a whole sandwich.

Brotherly Love

With his balloon bat at Chicken Lay

Who knew a scarecrow would be such fun?!

He somehow put these Fire Safety tattoos
on himself, then cried until I took them off.
He did not like them at all!

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Shelby said...

That picture of him with the sandwich is hilarious. He's looking at it like "I really like this sandwich. I think I'll eat it!" :)