Friday, October 12, 2012

Samuel's 26th - 28th Months

I know I'm slacking when it comes to posting monthly updates, but I've learned that keeping up with three little ones' monthly updates is actually harder than it seems!

In Samuel's 26th, 27th, and 28th Months, He:
Wore size 4 diapers.
Wore size 18 month clothes.
Wore size 6-6.5 extra wide in shoes.
Weighed 29 lbs.
Had no interest in potty training.
However, he HATED dirty diapers!
Was becoming a bit rough with Elias.
Was still very shy.
Always very timid and scared.
Needed to warm up to every situation.
Threw lots of temper tantrums.
Disliked having his nose wiped.
Loved to sing and pretend "church."
Started Mother's Day Out for the 2nd year!
Loved his teacher, Mrs. Rochelle.
He says she is his best friend!  :)
Carried his lunchbox with him all day at MDO.
Always wanted to walk instead of riding in stroller.
Was very particular.
Was meticulous about his clothes, shoes, and coloring.
Was very "routine."
Had a huge vocabulary.
Knew his colors.
Confused red and green.
Counted from 1-11.
Knew his ABCs.
Loved to eat.
Woke every night around 2 a.m.

Samuel's Favorites:

  • Color:  lellow (yellow) or green (which may mean red)
  • Book:  
  • Song:  The B-I-B-L-E, This Little Light of Mine
  • People:  Mimi, Mrs. Rochelle, Aunt Ca, Grandpa, Brother Binion, Mrs. Jennifer, Elias, Seth, Sister Nita
  • Movie/TV:  Sesame Street, The Lorax
  • Food:  Hamburger, Fries, Sandwich
  • Drink:  Chocolate Milk
  • Snack:  Gummies
  • Toy:  Any book he can pretend to lead music with, Cozy Coupe
  • Thing to Do:  Lead music, sing, pretend to preach
  • Favorite "Things":  Elmo lunchbox, Ernie and Cookie stuffed animals
Popular Phrases or Sayings:
  • Shhh!  Listen!
  • God...  God...  GOD!  I'm preaching!
  • Bye.  I'm going shopping.  Gotta go to Target.
  • Put your hand on your heart.
  • Pweese, can I have chocolate?!
  • Get down.  We need to pray.
  • He hurt me.  Spank him.
  • No!
26th Month - July 2012:
Though Samuel is a year and half older, 
he and Korbin looked like twins
in matching pajamas!

Samuel got "hooked" on the "crazy girls."
That's the name they came up with 
for Kam and Kenz.

Samuel's personality really came to life!

He loved popsicles and visits with Mrs. Jennifer.

Carefully coloring his "Get Well Soon" card to Mary

Loved wearing other people's shoes

Visited his family in West TN
for his Aunt Kim's 30th Birthday!

Samuel loved being at home
with his brothers more than anything!

27th Month - August 2012:
Samuel helped Mom vote.
Got his sticker to prove it!

Chips were his favorite thing
for about two weeks.

He loved celebrating birthdays.
Especially Levi's since he got 
a balloon to take home.

Samuel took
Even when big brother decides 
to scoot himself in...

Became a little comedian.
"Underwear on my head, Mommy.
NOT on my booty."

Celebrated Seth's birthday.
Loved the Cozy Coupe. 

Fell asleep after the train party.
Our little conductor.

Was not too thrilled about the idea
of going to Mother's Day Out.
GREAT first day of school 2012 picture.

I melt.
He is the sweetest thing.
Loves being in his car.

Playing foot-sies with Elias.
and drinking chocolate milk.
Two of his favorites.

28th Month - September 2012:
Samuel tried the tricycle for the first time.
He didn't actually move it,
but instead of being scared of it,
he tried it.
HUGE steps here.

Loved to wrestle with his brother.
Hated not being big enough to wrestle.
So, he didn't wrestle.
He always bit.

Celebrated Mimi's birthday with his favorite foods:
Hamburgers and french fries!

"I seeeee you.  Look at me, Lias."

Was quite the follower.
Scared to death of bugs.
found him digging up worms with Daniel.

Give this boy a ball and he's thrilled!

Playing in church with friends

Technologically savvy.
He loves Aunt Ca and her phone.

Riding with Daddy 
at our Family Reunion

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